Web design in the UK continues to evolve year-on-year, with the best UK website design agencies showing great innovation at every turn. At Candy, our design team loves to discover new trends, new ideas, and to push the boundaries of what our clients expect of us and what we expect from ourselves.

As we hit our stride in 2022 it’s important to us to understand the upcoming trends of web design in the UK and the trends and styles that continue to serve us all well. Let’s look at some of the website design trends you can expect to see throughout 2022.

  1. Single-page websites

One of the biggest success stories of UX trends in recent years is that of the single-page website, and you can expect to see much more of the same this year. The reason for this is that since they became so popular around 2018, websites with single-pages have seen a much-improved conversion rate when compared with traditional websites. In some cases, business websites have seen conversions improve by over 30%. Many users find a single page much easier to navigate, as there is no way of ending up lost on the wrong page due to an incorrect click of a button. A simple interface is much more likely to convert a user into a customer.

  • Linework

One of the biggest trends in website design for 2022 is the use of line design. This is where a website is created with thick or thin lines to form different geometric shapes. It offers a clean design layout, even if the lines can often appear unfinished, depending on the form used. You often see linework in architecture websites, and real estate firms, as they look sophisticated and high-end, a fine balance between aesthetic and page performance. Linework helps to create dynamic grids where desired, and as an aesthetic can straddle that rare air between nostalgia and modernity.

  • Retro/Vintage web design

Talking of nostalgia, another trend for websites in 2022 is that of retro design. Escapism and looking back at the past have become popular trends within website design since the start of the pandemic, as we’ve had two years of ‘normal’ not existing anymore. What we didn’t expect to see so soon is the 90s revival in culture, and it has definitely become a staple of web design, in the same way that 90s fashion is now back on our streets. Big fonts, bold colours and a sense of fun can be seen in retro website design design! Choosing nostalgia could add a bit of fun to your website and keep the user entertained.

  • Gender neutral web design

Accessibility and genuine diversity and consideration is a must for any modern business. Whereas previously, a softer, thoughtful, gender-neutral tone to a design was rare, it is now a trend for most new websites in 2022. This can be seen in how pink isn’t the sole reserve of websites and products aimed at women, and typically masculine design features can be used to entice any user type. Alongside the design element, it is important for many websites to offer inclusivity in the form of multiple gender options and pronouns.

  • Interactive website design

Usability and functionality have always been an integral part of how successful a website is, and design of a website is key to this. One of the trends we expect to continue in 2022 is interactive web design taking the creation of a memorable experience to a whole new level. Interactive design on your website can say a lot about your brand ideals and showcase much of what your website offers a user, without the need for them to click on and check every single page.

  • Minimalist design

To be honest, the minimalist trend in all types of design has been around for a few years now, and within website design in the UK it shows no sign of slowing down in 2022. For many users, a minimalist web design is easier to look at and easier to use. A clean, simple interface makes for easy navigation and faster loading times than sites that are loaded with heavy fonts and animation. It might seem the opposite of many of the trends you’ll see on this list, and design is full of differing opinions, it’s what makes it interesting.

This simple approach can be seen in a trend for fewer images for heroes. There doesn’t need to be an overreliance on photo carousels and imagery in the hero section. As part of a minimalist design, the hero section of a website can be simple, setting the tone for what the user can expect throughout the rest of the site.

  • Illustrations and animated videos

An illustration is such an impressive way to get a message across to a user, whatever the intended message and action is. Illustrations and animation provide that aesthetic element to a website that entices a user and implores them to keep scrolling to find out more, to discover where the story goes next. A cartoon style can be used in a humorous way, or to secure the eyes and the hearts of a younger audience more used to less copy and greater immediacy. One way that we see animation in website design in the UK is through animated explanation videos that are placed on website home pages, brand YouTube channels, and shared on social media channels. Animation and illustration sure do make your brand more approachable and will be seen more and more as we move through 2022.

  • Kinetic typography & bold typography

Animation within website design has developed to such an extent that another new trend is kinetic typography. Web designers can now animate typography, with moving text aiming to capture the attention of the user immediately, taking them on a journey through the website as a whole and setting a tone between different areas of a site. Instead of static text, kinetic typography can have a massive impact, as can be seen on the Dillinger website (a French production company), where the entire menu has dynamic fonts that change as you navigate.

Another typography trend for 2022 is that of bold, brutalist typography on websites. This is where you can make a website stand out from the crowd, as any good typography can. Brutalist typography is a reaction to minimalist design, a rugged, larger base that can be used to create a dynamic grid and a modern vibe.

  • Off the grid

A grid is always one of the best tools up the sleeve of a website designer. It helps to provide structure to a site, providing the shape that follows through the entire user experience. Off the grid design is a change in approach to this that we’re seeing a lot of over the last few years, moving off centre to make a segment stand out from the rest of the website. This can truly make a difference in making the site and brand stand out when compared with the competition. With design and technological advances, it is easier than ever before to build a site in whatever mad layout you can come up with, creating a site design like no other if you wish.

  • Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is an inventive and interactive way of using animation and design to enhance the story behind a website. It uses web design skills to create a visual effect and interface that is difficult to forget, leaving a mark on the user. A great example of Scrollytelling can be seen in this Every Last Drop website talking about water usage in everyday life and how to save it. Scrollytelling provides a narrative visualisation that sticks in the mind of the user and provides a certain element of control as to the pace of the site experience and journey.

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