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You only ever get one chance to make a good first impression. Your website is still the digital business card for your business and most likely the first port of call for any potential customer to visit. This is a good enough reason in itself to take great care and consideration over the development and design of your website. Even if your company website was created or updated five years ago, it is most probably time for an upgrade, to keep pace with the latest Google updates and design trends.

Here, Candy takes a look at five signs that your company needs a new website.

Your bounce rate is too high

Your bounce rate is a percentage representation of users who leave your site without getting further than the first page they arrive at. A bounce rate of over 70% is problematic, as it means that users are leaving your site immediately. Why is that? We can help you build a website that evaluates and incorporates your brand colour scheme to an enticing and eye-pleasing colour palette, increases functionality and makes navigation a breeze, ensuring your website is user-centric in its focus.

It is really, REALLY slow

There are both front-end consideration and back-end components that can have an impact on how fast (or painfully slow) your website performs. On page performance is a metric that we take very seriously, and we optimise website development to ensure that page times are fast and that your users are not scared away through frustration rather than anything else. We’ll choose the right platform for your project.

The site was created or updated a few years ago

There are two things that you really need to think about when it comes to the age of your website. The first is that web design trends change all the time. Think back years ago to the one-page websites and how quickly they looked dated and tired, and then onto the ‘busy’ sites with loads going on and big flashing lights. It is important to stay with the current trends and have a website that provides you with brand consistency, has readable fonts and slick, minimalist graphics. The second consideration is to the way Google ranks your site, which is constantly being updated. We understand the latest regulations and will ensure your site maximises its chance to be ranked highly in search results.

Users find navigation hard work

Even if your website looks great and users want to stay and take a look at what you have to offer, if the navigation is all over the place and difficult for users to find their way around, you’ll lose them pretty quickly. The way your site navigates is crucial to the traffic you receive and your search engine rankings. Don’t try something outside the box as this can be confusing to users who are used to instinctively knowing where to look on a website, instead offer simple choices that are clear from the outset.

You have a poor Google ranking

There are many factors that go into how Google ranks your website, including everything we’ve mentioned above so far. We won’t sit here and guarantee that we’ll get you to the very top of the Google rankings for your desired search terms, but what we do guarantee is that we’ll do everything possible to create a website that meets all criteria and continues to evolve with Google’s ranking methods. With our help you’ll have the best chance of increasing visitors and maximising conversion rates. 

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