How many brand logos can you think of? When you consider this question, we suspect that a number of universal logos, purposefully slotted into your memory, spring to mind.

The first logo you thought of may have been McDonalds’ unmistakable ‘M’, easily identifiable – even from a distance – thanks to its sunny yellow typography. Alternatively, your thoughts may have wandered to Apple’s more sleek, simplistic silver apple.

Most importantly, it’s apparent that the brands that come to mind have maintained a visual representation that connects them to their customers.

Why Having a Brand Logo Is Important

Today, there are a multitude of factors to consider while setting up, or refreshing a business. From reaching your audience online, to keeping up with social media trends, it can be easy to let the business basics – such as logos – fall to the wayside. 

However, having a memorable logo is an integral foundation to your brand. As trends come and go, brand logos are consistent, reliable and comforting to customers. This doesn’t mean that brands shouldn’t update their logos; in fact, the most successful brands continue to tweak their trademark stamps to ensure they change with the times.

So, how have brand logos changed over the years? Read on as we take a look at some of the most iconic brand logos that have been thoughtfully refined over time. 


First, let’s take a look at IKEA, the home of Scandianvian decor. IKEA’s first logo was designed in 1951, and has undergone considerable changes over time. In 2019, you’ll recognise this brand’s staple logo, with bold blue typography, neatly encased in a yellow oval.

After adjusting their logo throughout the decades, it was IKEA’s logo from the early 80s that stood the test of time, with only small-scale amendments made to it since. Notably, the brand’s most noticeable changes over time were the colour palettes, and it’s no coincidence that the Scandinavian brand settled on the Swedish flag’s familiar blue and yellow to forge their identity.

We can learn from IKEA’s design decisions by recognising that the brand invested the time and money into revamping their logo until they found the right fit. Of course, it’s also significant that the brand’s design now clearly represents their style and origins. 

So, when you’re considering your own logo, it’s worth thinking about where your brand’s origins lie, and the values that you can represent through symbolism.


There’s no denying that Apple has one of the most iconic logos of all time, but as the company skyrocketed to success, they didn’t forget to pay close attention to the details.

Although Apple is renowned for its products, the company’s fresh approach to branding certainly cemented its identity. And what comes to mind when you think of Apple? Well, that would be the familiar apple shape. However, if you asked a group of people to think of the logo, they may not all have the same design in mind. 

The techies among us may remember Apple’s first logos, with its colourful rainbow design remaining a fan favourite. In fact, Apple recently revived this nostalgic design for its ad launch of the latest iMac, showcasing just how important logos can be for connecting to customers. 

On the other hand, many of us will associate Apple’s logo with its more simplistic silver or black designs. It’s clear that over the years, Apple has chosen to stick with a more refined, sophisticated style that reflects the perfected slickness of its products. 

So, what can we learn from the leaders of innovative inventions? Firstly, it’s clear to see from Apple’s logo timeline that the company decided early on what their logo shape would be, and have stuck with it ever since. This is undoubtedly what makes Apple stand out from the crowd, as customers can recognise the brand logo, trust it and know what to expect when they choose a product stamped with the iconic branding.

More Brand Logos That Have Changed Over Time

If you’re considering updating your brand logo, or you’re creating one from scratch, we recommend taking a look at how other companies have refined their branding over time. From choosing the perfect shape, to the right typography, the magic really is in the details.

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