Christmas is a fun time of year for everyone. As soon as Halloween is over, we start seeing festive products in the shops, and before we’re halfway through November we’ll have all seen a few Christmas marketing campaigns on the TV and listened to countless Christmas songs when we’re out and about. It does seem to be a longer period than it used to be, and this gives great scope to target a specific customer base for businesses.

Branding is important for any business, but at Christmas time there is a real chance to create exciting, colourful, and enticing marketing campaigns that leave a real impression on everyone who sees it. Christmas marketing campaigns are about ensuring your loyal customer base love you even more, and that potential new customers see your campaign and are drawn to your brand.

The evolution of Christmas marketing campaigns

We’ve seen a definite ramp up in the importance of Christmas marketing campaigns and festive advertising over the last 20-30 years especially. It has become a huge part of the economy, with advertising being spent in the billions to create adverts that draw in consumers during the Christmas period, which as we mentioned above runs from early November through to Christmas itself.

Think about it, almost everyone will be giving and receiving gifts at Christmas, so there is a large market of people all looking for the perfect place to buy gifts at the same time. There is no other time of year like it, so therefore it is vital that brands make the right impression and draw in customers now. Without good xmas marketing campaigns a brand can either be left behind to stagnate or move backwards through a xmas marketing disaster.

Expensive Christmas advertising campaigns.

TV advertising is where much of the big marketing spend goes during the Christmas period. Think about how excited people are every year when the new John Lewis Christmas advert comes on, for example. The choice of song is always a strong contender to be near the top of the Christmas pop charts and they have created a brand image of this advert every year being a hit, a heart-warming experience that gets the viewers crying, sobbing even, but always thinking of John Lewis in a warm, happy way.

The most expensive Christmas TV adverts in the UK since 2000 are:

Tesco – ” Lights On” (2014) – £22.2M

Sainsbury’s – “1914” (2014) – £20.5M

M&S “Inspiration” (2014) – £17M

Burberry – “The tale of Thomas Burberry” (2016) -£ 10M

Walkers – “All Mariah wants this Xmas” (2019) – £9M

This is just the list of the most expensive Christmas TV adverts in the UK, some mind-boggling numbers there in truth. But what about the most viewed Christmas TV adverts? This might give us a clue as to how successful an advert is if it is viewed by more people. This is especially true in this day and age where we can count the number of views of each TV advert on YouTube.John Lewis – “

The Bear and the Hare” – 48,900,000 Views

Sainsbury’s – “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” – 41,500,000 View

John Lewis – “The Man on the Moon” – 30,000,000 Views

Coca-cola – “Catch” – 23,500,000 Views

The list of most viewed Christmas TV adverts shows us clearly how well John Lewis has actually done. For many people they are the standard bearer of Christmas TV adverts, beating the traditionally globally huge companies, such as Coca Cola, to a gut punch of emotion every year. Social media helps muster up support for xmas marketing campaigns, with video clips going viral and shared between thousands/millions of people on different social media platforms.

2016 saw the MEGA successful Christmas marketing campaign from Aldi. It’s Kevin the Carrot character led to its advert becoming one of the most profitable Christmas ads we’ve ever seen in the UK. People queued outside on the first day of availability when the store sold Kevin the Carrot plush toys. Going viral is always the aim, and this often takes clever and creative design and thinking, not only spending big bucks on marketing campaigns.

Christmas Marketing Campaigns from Candy

The saying about a puppy being for life, not just for Christmas, can be applied to brand marketing too – with a successful xmas marketing campaign drawing in customers that might only find you at this special time of year, but you want them to stay with you for the long-term, not just for Christmas. Your choice of marketing campaign will dictate this.

The Candy team understands how to create vivid marketing campaigns that strike a chord with the target audience of the brands we work with. We get to the heart of the matter, making sure we fully understand the company, brand ideals, and goals for the campaign, before we dig deep to bring the ideas to the table.

Give us a call today on 0161 826 0123 or email and we’ll be happy to arrange a sit down and a chat to go through your marketing needs. We have helped countless clients to put together strong marketing campaigns that garner real results, and we could soon be talking to you about a xmas marketing campaign for 2022!