D1 Brand

Who Are They?

D1 Brand is a new e-commerce store specialising in sports casual fashion brands. Its target market is 16-34 years of age and it stocks exclusive lines from some of the top brand names in sports fashion. Their goal is to reach out to customers with exclusive marketing promotions and to affordable product lines.

Website Design & UX

We designed the website with an idea to implement a well-thought-out user journey, utilising a fully working prototype. It was at this stage of the project that we ensured that a range of features were included, including search functions and filters such as brand, price, and trending products. A key feature was the imagery used, we wanted it to be very clear, as this is an important part of any e-commerce website in its appeal to users.
User engagement was key, and our idea was to make the store as simple to use as possible. We went through a phase of rigorous testing with users of all ages, covering the target market and beyond, as it is important that any user visiting the store has a simple and enjoyable customer journey.

Web Development

The latest front-end technologies were used when building the website. The Magento e-commerce platform was at its core and utilising the latest CRO technology we are able to monitor the behaviour of users and eliminate any pain points that become apparent during the transition from a user becoming a customer.