Reach Consult

The Brief

When business data and consultancy specialists Reach came to us, they were in desperate need of an online overhaul. Their existing website was not only years out of date – it was also confusing for potential clients. It wasn’t clear what they did, or why they did it. It also lacked personality – a cold, corporate representation of their work in need of a healthy dose of innovation and imagination.

Reach Consult provides specialist services within the Microsoft power bi-sphere, delivering operational strategies for a variety of businesses from SMEs right up to FTSE 100 companies. Their online presence needed to reflect the complexity yet accessibility of their services and the value of the solutions they provide, with a nod to their presence worldwide. Bespoke animations were also required to illustrate service offerings in an engaging and eye-catching manner.


Our Approach

Reach Consult are experts within their field offering transformative insights to the companies they work with – so this is something that needed to shine through in terms of both the design and the functionality of the new site.

To make this happen we consolidated and transformed the tired old site with a contemporary and polished look and feel throughout. First we had to do a bit of housekeeping – ensuring the service offerings were clearer and better organised for enhanced user experience. As part of this process we also made the content easier to read, perfectly presenting the company’s methodology with clarity and clout. The result is a slick, well-supported site that appeals to both large corporations and SMEs.

Accompanying the site is a promotional video shot and edited by us, succinctly bringing together elements of the Reach philosophy and approach for an ‘at a glance’ overview of who they are and what they do.