Social Solar

Who Are They?

Social Solar is a team of experienced renewable energy enthusiasts. Their focus is to find the best solar panel and solar battery systems for people in the UK to benefit from.

Website Design & UX

Social Solar tasked Candy with producing a website that looked clean, was easy to navigate and doesn’t look like it is a scam (their words). Taking on board that the traffic will mainly be campaign led, we designed a landing page that was concise, informative and utilised a beautiful colour palette. 

Web Development

The landing page and user form didn’t just have to be easy to navigate through, it had to feel nice as well. Using the latest technologies we were able to implement a form that would funnel the leads through to an informative results page. It was important to build trust with the user immediately, as there are plenty of lead generation websites around that have been created in bad faith. We run and monitor CRO testing on a consistent basis to ensure that users only ever experience a smooth journey.