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    Looking for the best SEO agency out there? Increase visitors (and sales) with Candy’s trusted SEO services that are purposely built for your business. Those SEO Services UK include:

    • Technical SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • UX Design for SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Content Strategy
    • Link Acquisition

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    Looking for an SEO Agency?

    Our comprehensive, holistic SEO services ensure you can enjoy a steady stream of web traffic and consistent exposure to your target market, constantly moving with trends and algorithms to keep you on top.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) enables you to get right in front of your target audience, putting you in the best possible position to attract and convert consumers. Best-practice UK SEO utilises a variety of diverse methods, all designed to drive traffic towards your site and keep you front of mind within your sector.

    To work effectively, SEO UK needs to move responsively with ever-evolving Google guidelines. With consistent performance, repeated SEO services can have a massive impact on a website gaining organic traffic, helping you to cut advertising costs and enhance market authority and credibility. Get in touch with our SEO company UK today!

    The processes of our SEO marketing agency

    SEO Services UK – SEO Audit

    Unlike other ​​SEO marketing companies, we’ll always conduct a thorough research phase that looks at your business and brand, your current customer base, target audience and competitors. This is why our SEO Services stand out in the UK SEO industry.

    The way our SEO agency is doing it is by looking at what works and what doesn’t and formulating a bespoke plan of action that works best for your specific needs. The technical part of the SEO audit performed by our SEO company UK looks specifically at your current website to see where things can be improved, as well as looking at conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

    You were looking for high-quality SEO UK? Our audit is the starting point from which everything that comes next grows from. With Candy Marketing by your side, UK SEO has never felt so good.

    Get a Health Check

    SEO Services UK – SEO Content

    One of the biggest ways in which our SEO marketing agency can help boost your search rankings is to implement a well-devised SEO content strategy for your brand. Our SEO company UK will conduct thorough keyword and target user research and build content campaigns around those.

    In UK SEO, content is king.

    And for this very reason, it must be engaging, speak to the intended target audience in a way that implores them to trust your brand and most importantly, sell the products and/or services in question. In our SEO Services UK, content can be tackled in different ways, from evergreen content that stands forever on your site and helps you to stand out as an authority in your field, specific sales copy for targeted campaigns and promotions (and sales pages on your website), as well as blog posts and offline guest posts that showcase the in-depth knowledge and expertise that your business holds. Call on our SEO Company UK to get quality content pumping to your website!

    Ask us about content

    Technical, Content and Backlink Auditing


    Technical Auditing


    Content Auditing


    Backlink Auditing

    Our SEO company performs thorough UK SEO audits help us to identify any technical issues on your site that may affect performance and assess the quality and quantity of current content on your site. Our SEO agency also evaluates backlinks, easily locating areas for improvement. Our SEO Company UK’s audits will be conducted in all our SEO services and at the start of every campaign, then every 6 months after that to ensure we’re always keeping on top of things and building on existing progress made. Real SEO UK starts here at Candy Marketing. If you want to know more about our SEO services, don’t be a stranger and get in touch with our SEO company. We’re here to help take your UK SEO to the moon and beyond!

    SEO Services UK – Technical SEO

    Using our SEO company’s keen eye for perfection, we will ensure that every aspect of your site and online platform is running smoothly and at full capacity, applying initial fixes and improvements to ensure a solid foundation for SEO UK and monitoring the site continuously to quickly identify and resolve any issues, as well as monthly health checks to pinpoint recurring issues and trends.

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    Trust the transparent reporting of our SEO agency

    Making sure your efforts are constantly yielding results should be the objective that underpins our SEO services UK. Our easy-to-digest reports actively illustrate the positive benefits and opportunities SEO UK is bringing for your website, whilst helping us to map out your future strategy for further success. Our SEO marketing agency sends monthly reports, including ranking and competitor monitoring for a continuous, 360 view of how your site performance compares with market trends and developments.

    • Monthly Reports

      Let our SEO agency analyse your data to help influence work for the following month, 3 month or 6-month period.

    • Ranking Monitoring

      Let our SEO agency perform regular monitoring of rankings to help identify and react to any drops and/or improvements in keyword rankings and recognising why these changes have happened.

    • Competitor Monitoring

      Let our SEO agency monitor competitor activity to help us react to any adaptations they make or any competing campaigns they might be running.


    Looking for the right SEO Marketing Agency? At Candy, you’ll get SEO UK at its finest

    Let our SEO marketing agency do a competitor analysis for you

    In the SEO UK industry, competitor analysis isn’t always comfortable – but it gives us a very clear picture of what others are doing well (and not so well). We can then use this intel to optimise your site and prime you for success.

    Get your business ahead of the game with our SEO services UK

    Using the information we acquire, our SEO agency will directly improve your strategies and get your business ahead of the game. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of other similar businesses in the same space can help us to quickly recognise opportunities for growth and improvement, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls and making SEO UK a piece of cake.

    When it comes to content, our SEO agency will take keywords and content similar businesses are using into account in order to tweak and improve your own, so you can rank alongside your competitors and higher.

    Spy on the competition

    SEO Services UK – On-Page

    Sometimes, our SEO audit brings up aspects of your existing website that could be helped with some careful revisions. Any UK SEO technical issues that need resolving on the website will be dealt with first, before moving to on-page amendments. This is an essential part of any campaign of our professional SEO agency and must be rectified before commencing with the brand-new approach that we have devised. If our SEO company generates traffic to your site, but on-site problems have not been resolved, this can lead to bad or non-existent end results (such as an enquiry or a sale), and the UK SEO traffic will be wasted. Get in touch with our SEO Company UK and we’ll take a look at the On-Page of your website as part of our advances SEO services!


    SEO Services UK – Link Building

    The cries in the UK SEO world that link building is dead can be put to one side, it just isn’t true. Aside from the quality of content at your disposal, the other way to have a big impact on your search rankings is with high-quality link building campaigns. We build a strategy at the beginning, much like we do with the content plan, ensuring that we know how to build methodically and effectively to help you rise above your competitors. Get in touch with our SEO Company UK and we’ll build a custom link building campaign for your website!

    SEO UK – Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does your business need a UK SEO company?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any company wishing to develop its online visibility and general operations. Google alone accounts for 130 000 billion indexed pages worldwide, 20 billion sites visited by the search engine every day, and 80 000 requests every second, i.e. 6.9 billion per day. It is virtually impossible to grasp the enormity of this traffic through paid advertisements alone.

    Is SEO UK a short-term or long-term strategy?

    No matter what you have been told, SEO UK is never a guarantee a short-term fix. There are ways in which you can see an improvement in fortunes on search engine results relating to your website, but the campaigns of the best SEO companies UK are those that take months to achieve results. And as one of these SEO agencies, we would rather take a methodical approach that legitimately looks to complement your business and brand, targets the correct keywords that lure in the users that could potentially be genuine customers for your business, rather than look for a quick fix, charge you loads of money to do so, and then a month or two later you are nowhere to be found in the search listings. In most cases, once we have laid a solid foundation of research and SEO work, you’ll start to see real results within 3-6 months, after which it is a continuous process to optimize and keep up-to-date with the latest Google algorithms and guidelines.

    How long does it take to see results from SEO?

    In just 3 weeks, the first SEO results for a given website are already observable on tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. As for those top rankings, it all depends on the level of the competition and your budget, which will both determine the speed at which your website can outrank the top competitors. Working will world-class SEO consultants will definitely speed up the process as no time will be wasted on outdated, weak, and poorly strategized SEO techniques.