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We Deliver Successful Online Digital Marketing Liverpool Campaigns

Candy is a digital marketing agency based in Liverpool offering a broad range of design and digital marketing services. Our clients come from a rich variety of industries and each has its own set of needs, targets and challenges. Our team is great at looking at a project and determining the most effective digital strategy to get the best results. We rely on our own technical expertise and experience, a hard-working determination that runs through our team and a genuine need to understand you, your brand, industry and customers. 

Our digital marketing services only work by taking this approach. We create exciting digital worlds that are designed to entice new users, funnel new leads to you and help improve sales and customer satisfaction. The customer journey is crucial, and our digital marketing services are designed to significantly improve it:

Learn what your customers want

Your customer is the most important part of your digital strategy. With clever and extensive UX research Candy looks at the whole picture. We build honest customer profiles of your current customer base, your target market, as well as those of your industry competitors. This real insight is invaluable, as we build a solid foundation from which to implement key digital strategies that meet the demands of your customers, new and old alike.

Brilliant brand building

You want to promote your business in a positive light, creating and growing a brand that speaks volumes about your ideals and speaks directly to your ideal customer. We can help you create a clear brand identity and transform how you are perceived by the outside world. It is all about honesty and integrity, showcasing all that you are good at and enticing new customers to believe in you. Through a combination of our digital marketing skills and your core ideals, we’ll create brand stories that are meaningful and resonate with your audience.

True customer connections

Making genuine connections with new and old customers is the true essence of any successful digital marketing campaign. Candy Marketing is built on this premise and we have great experience in helping our clients to find brand new leads that are real and valuable. We create digital worlds that have a clear and effective journey for users to follow, allowing users to become your customers and your customers to stay with you for many years to come. There are different techniques and campaigns for different projects, each suited to the various customer profiles targeted and using the latest trends and industry knowledge.

Candy Marketing have years experience in Digital Marketing in Liverpool & Manchester