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    In the modern world it is so important to make the right connection with your customers. An eCommerce website is the perfect way to reach new customers and maintain healthy relationships with existing customers, providing a secure, fast, and simple way for your customers to view and purchase your products and services.

    Looking for Talented eCommerce Website Designers?

    Candy has the expertise to build an eCommerce website that creates the perfect digital world for your customers to buy direct from you, building authentic customer relationships within the framework of a beautiful design that speaks volumes about your brand and your ideals as an organisation.

    Sell directly to your customers with our bespoke eCommerce website package.

    For small online stores with just a few products or a big online store with hundreds or thousands of products, our eCommerce website designing company can help put together your:

    • Product list
    • Product categorisation
    • Content Strategy
    • Link Acquisition
    • Payment gateway integration
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    At Candy we understand the need for a coherent digital marketing strategy that talks directly to the customer. If your company wants to sell products or services direct to your customers online, our eCommerce website design service is second to none. There are a few reasons why it is a great choice for a growing business with an impressive brand identity.

    Speed Up the Buying Process

    You want to make the sales journey as comfortable and as smooth as possible. By removing a barrier to customer purchasing from you (by building an eCommerce website), you are ensuring that the buying process becomes much faster. Your customers can now buy from you direct, in mere seconds, as they are browsing your products and services on your company website.

    Provide a Lot of Product Information

    One of the best parts of having an eCommerce site for your business is that you have the control to list as much information as you need for each product. This makes it much easier for users to search for items, or types of items, and in one easy step show the potential customer everything that they need to know about each product. This can include not only the product description, price, and product category, but even the delivery date and shipping fee.



    Reach a Modern Customer

    The modern customer is almost always online. We all scroll on our phones constantly, look at social media, browse online stores and interact with people online in a variety of ways. A boring, text-heavy website that just lists your products and points you towards a physical store is never going to set pulses racing. Instead, an eCommerce website that has all the bells and whistles, connected to an engaging and interesting digital marketing campaign, strikes right at the heart of what the modern customer is searching for.


    Flexible Sales

    Your customers can reach you 24 hours a day when you have an eCommerce website. They can place orders at 3am or 3pm and are not limited by the opening ours of a physical store. Not only that, but you can also offer a variety of payment options as part of the checkout process, making it a desirable option for customers that might want to pay using PayPal, a credit or debit card, or other form of payment. Secure online payments are part of the website development of an eCommerce platform with Candy Marketing.

    Reduce Your Costs

    There are two ways to look at using an eCommerce website to reduce your costs as a business. The first is if you also have physical stores but wish to supplement this income with online sales. You can reduce the amount that you invest in store upkeep, keep fewer items in stock on site and look to boost sales through online customer interactions. Second, for small, start-up businesses without any premises at this point, an eCommerce website removes the cost associated with opening a physical store, allowing you to scale as you grow with online sales providing the whole of your business income.