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User experience is everything.

The customer experience is crucial in your success as a business. Every person wants to feel loved and cherished. That’s how we treat every single one of our own clients and we can help you implement a customer-first philosophy throughout your business. 

Every aspect of our business is built on an idea of the customer as the most important part of the process. Every decision we make comes from what the customer needs and with our UX and design service your needs and the needs of your customers will be at the forefront of our approach. 

There are different reasons why you might need support from our UX design agency in Liverpool:

  • increasing the overall performance of the business
  • increasing leads
  • increasing customers sales
  • improving customer data collection and management
  • improving engagement on your website

Finding that perfect balance between your customer needs and your business goals is something the Candy team is great at. We build UX design solutions that engage with visitors to your website, excite them and give them no other option but to take action (whether that is becoming a customer, signing up to a newsletter or speaking to your customer service team).

We’ll get straight down to business and concentrate on the key, clear strategies to improve the customer experience and win you plaudits:

Quality UX Research

Our UX research is at the vanguard of the industry. We look at the market in-depth to see how your products and services are perceived and how we can help you improve them to maximise interest and profits. Our team achieves this through clever implementation of the latest digital, tech and design trends.


We’ll take the research around your products and services and create a profile for your current and potential buyers. Understanding the customer needs and the solutions that your products deliver to the customer is key to successful UX parameters. By providing clear conceptualisation of your project you can see a successful path in front of you.


This journey for your business based on our UX research and design conceptualisation all comes together with wireframing. Your entire project will be shaped by us in a way that helps build customer-centric functionality, key content and structure that drives traffic, increases sales and improves your already high standards of customer service.

There is no point in your website and digital marketing endeavours if visitors to your website do not act. We will help you build customer-focused digital marketing structures that attract new custom and help you build solid relationships with customers who come back time and time again and who also speak glowingly about you to all and sundry.