Frankestien Effect - Candy Marketing

You know what it’s like to click onto a website for the first time and to feel like it makes no sense to you at all. Even if you have gone to a company’s website in good faith to buy their products or services, if you are met with a design that looks like it’s come together as a by-product of two killer clowns having a scrap with their makeup and a navigation that takes you round in circles and everywhere but where you want to go, you’ll leave pretty quickly. This combination of many different web developers is known as the Frankenstein effect and can have a terrifying impact on the success of your digital platform.

Importance of consistent design and branding

We often see these badly designed websites that have clearly gone through various projects and taken on bits and pieces of work from very different website developers and designers. This Frankenstein effect can be just as scary as the monster itself and put off even those loyal customers who have been with you for years. Candy will put together a consistent design plan, ensuring your brand is clear, vibrant and consistent across all aspects of your digital world.

Clear web development and functionality

The worst sites are those where it is clear there has been a mish-mash of influences from various web developers. If functionality and navigation is confusing, cumbersome and frustrating, you’ll experience poor results in terms of search rankings and you’ll also lose users quite quickly. It’s important that everything works together smoothly and that there is a clear user path from first click to purchasing the product and beyond.

Coherent content management

It’s so clear when there has been a change of approach with the web content management of a company. The consistency of the content being produced just falls away and there is no coherent plan of action. This is where things can get messy for brand consistency, as content is as an important part of your long-term strategy as the design and development of your website in the first place. To demonstrate that you are an authority in your industry it is important to have a consistent tone and a clear brand voice in the content you publish on a regular basis.

Problems with the Frankenstein effect

Where you suffer with a myriad of approaches from different digital marketing companies and web developers is that all of this inconsistency will have an effect. You’ll experience slow page speeds, poor navigation that confuses users, inconsistent images and a back-end that has a range of plug-ins that counteract each other and is as confusing to get your head around as the dashboard of a Boeing 747

If you’re worried about this Frankenstein effect for your website and you want one, clear voice that showcases your business in the best possible light, Candy Marketing is here to help. Speak to our friendly team on 0161 826 0123 or and we’ll be very happy to discuss your project and to get you a new website that speaks volumes for your company.