You might think that it goes without saying that every company has a website these days, but it isn’t always the case. Having a business website is so important for the growth of a company, for several reasons, and in some ways, it can be disastrous to have a bad website, even more so than not having a website at all. Here at Candy, we are always asked about the importance of a website, especially from those companies that are just starting out or in the process of growing to the next stage in their development. 

We have a few good reasons as to why a website is important for a company.

Generate business

Primarily, a business website is designed to generate business for your company. When the Internet was in its infancy and websites were simple, postcard-like affairs, it was as simple as saying to an owner of a company that a website was just an online version of a business card, with your contact details on there, a logo, maybe a slogan and not much else. These days, things have changed, of course they have, but a website is still an integral part of a successful digital marketing approach. You can do so much more with it and alongside it now though, targeting very specific target markets, utilising social media, and improving the customer experience at every turn. 

Become an instantly trustworthy company

Most consumers will not trust a brand that doesn’t have a website. If you think about it, we’ve all become accustomed to the modern world involving the Internet. Whenever we want to find out information about something, we Google it. If your business doesn’t have a website or any form of digital presence, how can you expect people to find you. Even if there has been positive word of mouth about your business and a potential new customer looks to purchase your products or services, if they can’t find basic information about the company, they’ll most likely walk away or think it’s a scam of some sort.

Build a coherent brand

Building a brand is an important part of the modern business. It takes time to create a coherent brand that speaks directly to your intended target market, entices brand-new customers to your business and ensures that your current customers become long-term loyal advocates of your brand. A good website, that is designed well, speaks to your brand ideals, gives a clear journey for the customer, and gets them to where you want them to be, increases the chances of your brand becoming recognisable to the wider world and helps to improve perceptions of your service and your products. Your website should include the same design ethos, logo, colour scheme and wider branding that link it to other digital marketing avenues that you undertake, such as any promotional materials, social media channels and other sources of information.

Battle the big names through SEO

When a website is designed well, has a great UX journey for the customer to follow and is filled with relevant copy, Google and the other search engines take note. Even if you are a small company, just starting out, if you are clever in your approach to digital marketing you can still compete against the big brand names within your industry. At Candy, we know how important it is to design a website for our clients that looks great, feels great, reads well and functions well. With this approach, we can target specific keywords and key profiles of potential customers and ensure that the website is geared towards those aims when dealing with becoming ranked and found on search engine listings. Search engine optimisation is so important, as a starting point for a new company website, but also as an on-going concern so you are always visible. 

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Increase leads, revenue, and ROI

A well-designed website, that is search engine optimised will go a long way to helping you find a higher number of potential leads. The more eyes you have on your website, and the better that website functions and links into your brand identity, the more likely you are to grow your customer numbers. The larger your audience, the more potential your business has of increasing revenue and ROI in direct relation to your digital marketing campaigns. With our help here at Candy, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your website fits your brand and target audience perfectly. The investment in creating an exciting digital landscape for your brand is worth it in the long-term, as it enables you to reach a much larger potential audience, on a global scale.

Sell direct to your customers online

For some companies, a website is just for information purposes, the place you want your potential customers to find the information that implores them to pick up the phone and call your customer service agents, or to visit you in-store. For other companies, it makes sense that an e-commerce option is built into the website, allowing you to sell directly to your customers online.

Highlight specific promotions

At certain times you’ll have specific promotions and discount offers for services and products. It is only right that you have the perfect place to showcase these. A good website, with e-commerce potential (see above) allows you to promote certain items, target specific customer profiles with offers and promotions that suit their individual needs and gives you leverage to entice customers back to your website again and again. With a smooth, secure customer journey your brand will shine with positivity.

Blindingly brilliant website design in Manchester

Now you know the importance of a website, and a good company website at that, the next step is to sit down with our friendly experts here at Candy. We know how to design an exciting, colourful website that promotes your brand to the right audience, as part of a wider coherent brand strategy. We know how to optimise for SEO to get you seen by a higher number of leads, and how to create a customer journey that is second to none. Call us on 0161 826 0123 or email us and we can start the journey to creating the perfect digital world for your brand.