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Bauhaus has been such an inspiration on the art and design world for decades. The design team here at Candy has been constantly inspired by the German school of arts since we were in designer nappies back in the early 00s. You might not realise it, but the modern web IS Bauhaus, as it continues to be a foundation from which to build from and provides us with a framework to delight our customers time and again.

What is Bauhaus?

It literally translates as ‘construction house’ and was founded by Walter Gropius in the early 1919, running to 1933. Over time, the school evolved into a modern art movement that had a unique approach to architecture and design. It provides a very specific aesthetic that combines fine art with art and craftsmanship, continuing to influence many different aspects of modern and contemporary art. Gropius considered beauty a fundamental basic requirement of life and wanted to discover a ‘total work of art’ where technology, art and craft could be beautifully formed as one. The science of design was born, and it has been a direct influence on everything from architecture to modern art, typeface, cinema and more.

The influence of Bauhaus on web design

Web designers are always building with purpose. Websites are broken down into layers of style, of content and of behaviour. We believe that design and development should always work hand in hand, delivering a user-centric digital world that looks great and functions perfectly. This is the essence of Bauhaus through a web design lens. Everything we design has a purpose, focusing the eye of the user and never distracting them from the end goal of the client. The customer journey is so important and design feeds into functionality (and vice versa).

  • Design and the machine

We only serve to design for the machine. A machine does not need aesthetic pleasure to function at 100% levels and because the work of a web designer would not exist without the computer, the laptop, the mobile phone or tablet, we have to look at the machine and how our designs function within those parameters. A website must function differently on each platform and our designers know how to deliver this.

  • Best practice web design

Web standards were a crucial part of the development of web design over the last 30 years. Design and web development changed at such as fast pace that it was necessary for industry-best practice to be implemented, using conventions, testing and auditing to keep standards on the rise no matter the project at hand.

  • Functionality ahead of form

Form must always follow function, as the purpose is always the priority of any web design project. The design must always feed into the intended function of the page and the role of the website. Although on the face of it, design flourishes can be deemed unnecessary if they don’t immediately aid the function, it can enhance the user experience if added well. Bauhaus-inspired typography, code and mark-up is a clear indication of how analytical we are as an industry. 

Design inspiration with Candy Marketing

Our designers love everything Bauhaus and we love how it has informed our design careers so far. Every website we design has the end function in mind and our clients see and end result of a delicious digital world that combines all aspects of modern design with great functionality and the perfect customer journey. Find out more about Candy Marketing by contacting or 0161 826 0123.