There are some brilliant eCommerce platforms in the UK, and across the world. As we have moved online as consumers, the technology attached to payment mechanisms online and integration of eCommerce platforms into websites has improved dramatically. At Candy, we understand the need to combine beautiful website design with a secure payment gateway when building eCommerce websites for our clients. Your customers must have a smooth, pleasant user journey where payment can be made quickly and securely.

Even though the UK is much smaller in population size to the US, the eCommerce market in this country can be favourably compared, since the amount of money being spent online, and the habits of UK consumers making it one of the most sophisticated eCommerce markets in the entire world. There are, of course, the big international companies with UK domains, such as Amazon, but also the traditional High Street retail kings of yesteryear that have managed to switch to online retail at just the right time.

Below are the top 10 UK eCommerce websites based on monthly traffic.

Currys/PC World – 10

Currys specialised in sales of household appliances and home electronics in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, it’s where you’d go for a brand-new TV or washing machine. PC World sold computers. They were combined through owners, Dixons Carphone. Currys/PC World and shifted to supplement physical stores with an eCommerce platform that sells household and telecommunications appliances online, with delivery or collection in-store an option. They have an estimated monthly traffic of 31.4 million visits.

Screwfix – 9

Screwfix has been selling trade tools, hardware products and accessories since 1979 and has become the leader in the sector with over 600 physical stores in the UK. Alongside this in recent years, Screwfix has been operating an online sales platform with a delivery service that includes Ireland and Europe, as well as the UK. It has an estimated monthly traffic of 31.5 million visits.

B&Q – 8

A multinational DIY and home improvement retail chain, B&Q sells a wide range of products. It was a joy as a kid to go to B&Q with your dad to pick up some DIY tools and end up going round the garden furniture bit in the back yard, it was like a magical oasis in a concrete jungle of a retail park. Having moved online and improving the outdoor furniture, plants and gardening supplies section of the business, B&Q has an estimated monthly traffic of 31.8 million visits.

Marks & Spencer – 7

M&S is known the world over as a retailer that has a bit of quality. It sells home products, luxury food items and clothing and has been a success story for well over a century, having been founded way back in 1884. M&S moved with the times and has established a thriving eCommerce platform in the UK and in partnership with German eCommerce store Zalando. It has an estimated monthly traffic of 32.6 million visits.

Asda – 6

Owned by the American giant Walmart, Asda is one of the leading supermarket chains in the UK. Walmart is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the US and has lent some credibility to the online grocery delivery service that Asda offers its UK customers. You can also buy clothing and home products through Asda online, as well as mobile phone services and financial services. Asda has an estimated monthly traffic of 33.7 million visits.

Next – 5

Next is a multinational retailer that sells a wide range of clothing, alongside footwear and home products. It has over 700 stores, with 500 in the UK and 200 more in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and it has been around in some form since 1864. Through the Next eCommerce platform there are over 400 brands for sale. Next has an estimated monthly traffic of 37.1 million visits.

Tesco – 4

The third-largest retailer in the world and one of the largest in the UK, Tesco has a range of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and smaller convenience stores throughout the UK. Tesco sells groceries, hygiene products and home products, clothing, mobile phone contracts and financial services. Tesco has an estimated monthly traffic of 39.3 million visits.

Argos – 3

Every kid in the UK loved the time of year when their parents would get out the heavy and thick Argos catalogue and ask you to circle all the toys that you wanted for Christmas that year. It was fun, so it was a horrible moment when everything was moved online, and you had to browse Argos products like every other retailer website. Argos still has over 800 shops in the UK, but the eCommerce platform allows customers to buy electronics, home and garden products, sports equipment, clothing, toys and much more. The estimated monthly traffic for Argos is 60.5 million visits.

eBay UK – 2

eBay was a pioneer of eCommerce platforms, and the UK domain of the American online marketplace is just as popular as the original .com domain. eBay allows users to sell products directly through an online auction platform. It has expanded into 20 countries since it was first launched in 1995, with a wide range of products sold including cars, electronics, beauty products, clothing, toys, business, and industrial products, and much more. eBay has a monthly traffic of 328 million visits.

Amazon UK – 1

Amazon was founded in the US back in 1994 and was originally an online bookstore. It became the biggest bookseller online and then began to expand into other areas, including electronics, furniture, food, toys, beauty products and has since become a streaming service for films, TV, and music. In recent years it acquired Whole Foods Market to move into groceries, and as a consumer you can purchase something on Amazon in one-click and expect it at your door within hours in some cases, or next-day in most. Amazon UK has a monthly traffic of 437 million visits.

eCommerce websites that excite your customers

If you want to sell products online, direct to your customers, there are a few different things to achieve. Here at Candy, we have the best team around to build you an eCommerce platform that looks fantastic with brilliant web design, has secure and fast payment mechanisms for your customers, and has an overall smooth customer journey that maintains high levels of satisfaction for your market. We create eCommerce websites that integrate with all the major platforms, meaning you have the best chance to succeed with online payments and selling direct to your customers.

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