Top 5 Reasons Why Branding is Important for your Business

Branding is such an important part of modern-day business, and in particular, how digital marketing works. Think about the biggest brands of today, such as Amazon and Apple and you’ll have a fairly clear idea in your mind of what their brand looks like, what they stand for, the different order processes, style, logo, services and products and customer service practices that they have in place. Without a clear branding mandate your company can flounder in a competitive marketplace. 

The right branding and a consistent tone of voice throughout the different channels of marketing that you put together gives you a much better chance of success. If a customer or potential customer can look at physical advertising, social media channels or your website and come away with the same feeling and the same perception of your brand, you are doing something right and are more likely to build a genuine connection that stands the test of time.

What are the reasons why you need to consider a well-thought-out branding concept for your business?

01. Clear communication is key to integrity

Communication is key in every walk of life, but when you are trying to connect with customers and build a rapport that lasts a long time, ensures they become repeat customers and speak glowingly about your business to their friends and family, communication takes on even greater importance. Creating a clear brand that has a consistent tone of voice helps you to reach out to your audience and to let them know who you are and what you stand for. It helps you to build relationships with customers based on trust and integrity and over time clear communication within your brand allows you to create an instantly recognisable way of communicating that is very effective at getting the point across and speaking directly to your target audience. Your brand will have a character that customers know and trust, showcasing the unique qualities and ideals of your company.

02. Gain new customers

Good branding with a consistent tone and voice helps your business to attract new customers and to maintain a loyal customer base. It helps to strengthen the appeal that your brand has to consumers through a constant dialogue with users, customers and potential customers. Authentic connections with the outside world, in your specific tone of voice, will only help to welcome new customers and to make them feel special and to become your loyal customers over time. Consistent tone of voice and a clear branding strategy can be designed with the intention of reaching out to new customers, always looking for those processes that make your brand appealing to the marketplace and a genuine contender for a leading light in your industry.

03. Build trust and recognition

Professional branding that has been created with your perfect company ideals within it is the only way to build real trust and recognition. It is about making those genuine connections with your current customers but also have a website, social media channels, design, logos, colours and all-round communication that is instantly recognisable as your brand. The biggest and best brands around the world are recognised within an instant, whether it is a logo you are looking at, a specific colour scheme or the way that they choose to interact with customers. Your brand must have the definable essence that makes it unique, and with our help we can pull it as a thread throughout all aspects of your digital marketing, creating a brand that makes the best impression, whenever and wherever it is viewed.

04. Support all marketing endeavours

Your branding can be used throughout all aspects of your business once it has been defined, created and refined. We can help you put in place a branding scheme that can be followed in every department of your business. This could mean that your branding is seen in the way communication is made between different departments internally, or how you speak to your customers. It could mean that your logo is prominent on every piece of physical and digital literature that you use to market your business, products and services, and as you expand into new markets and into different channels of marketing, it should always be identifiable as your brand.

05. Always speak directly to your customers

You should always have your customers in mind whenever you create a new piece of marketing and especially when creating your branding for the first time. We understand completely what it takes to make that authentic connection between your brand and your customers. Utilise emotion to speak to your target audience directly and use your branding to make them know that you care about them, and that they have a good reason to buy from you. With great, coherent branding you can increase leads, and in turn increase revenues, as you make those real connections with customers that see you as part of their life.

Creating clear branding in Liverpool and Manchester

At Candy we understand the importance of creating a coherent brand strategy that considers all aspects of your business, your staff, the processes you have in place, your products and services and the target audience you are trying to attract as customers. There are many ways to create a winning brand, but consistency of tone and voice will help to build trust and to truly connect with your customers. Positive brand perception goes a long way to helping you grow your business over time, and with our help you can achieve a clear brand strategy that sets you off in the right direction to achieve this.

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