As the technology to film and view video has improved dramatically in recent years, it has become a more feasible option to include as part of website design. There are numerous reasons why you would look to add video to your website, as it is an attractive option to entice users to your site, to provide interesting information to potential customers and current customers and make your website much more appealing to Google and search rankings. At Candy, we know how a great video can add a unique element to the digital landscape you have created for your business.

01. Modern content consumption

The modern-day Internet user has a short attention span. We’re used to seeing the success of YouTube, TikTok and the social media channels, where people want to be entertained right this second, and not a second later. If you are looking to engage with users immediately, video content is a fantastic way to do so. Interesting video content is much more interactive, with visual content more likely to draw in the eye than static content. Just look at the billion unique users who view YouTube every single month and you can see exactly how popular video can be for your business.

02. Improve your search rankings

When looking at different ways to improve the perception that Google and other search rankings have of your website, one approach you can take is to increase the length of time that every user spends on the site. You generally only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a new visitor before they get bored and click away from the page and website. Video can have a massive impact on your ability to keep a user on the site for a longer period of time. You want a user to take longer to click off, or ideally to click through and visit other pages on your website. Captivating, engaging content is the best way to achieve this, and video that is compelling and relevant to your users is a great way to capture their attention and keep them on the page for longer. 

03. Improve the user experience

The better the user experience on a website, the better the connection can be made between consumer and brand. Your ideal result from a website is to convert users to customers via the route that best suits your needs. We create some websites for our clients where the end result is to have a customer make contact via telephone or email, for others they want the transaction to take place on the website. There are many different ways we can improve the UX of a website, and video can be an important part of the process. It can be a tool to build an instant rapport with the customer, to create an experience that is compelling and implores users to take the next steps on the customer journey. 

04. Enhance your brand strategy

Great video is a central part of your brand identity. Building a successful brand takes time and careful thought. We have experience in helping build brands and to bridge that gap between a growing business and a large potential customer audience. There are many different aspects to brand building, including logo design, branding of the physical building you work out of, letterheads and stationary branding, social media channels and even down to the font that you use on all official correspondence. It can be anything and everything, but your website is a central part of your branding and with video you can offer an easy way to humanise your brand and to give it a human face at a time where many people feel more disconnected than ever before with the products and services they purchase. Video offers versatility too, as it can be used to promote specific items from your catalogue or to showcase testimonials from existing, happy clients.

05. Cater to the mobile user

It is so important that your website is designed for mobile users. A huge percentage of users will be viewing your website on a mobile phone and video can be a central part of making it immediately more appealing to them. For some users it is harder to get them to read a whole page of written copy, especially when they are being viewed on a mobile phone, maybe on the move. If you only have a really short period of time to make your mark on a user, viewing your website on a mobile phone, make sure that video is a central part of your website strategy and that it says everything that you need it to, to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. 

Website video in Manchester

As you can see, video for your website could be a game changer. There is so much that you can do with video on your website, showcasing different services and products, highlighting different campaigns, and linking in with your social media channels to have an effective multi-channel marketing operation. Great video adds to a coherent branding ideal for your business, entices new customers and helps to improve the bounce rate on your website.
If you would like to find our more information about how great video can be for your company website, contact the Candy team today. You can reach us on 0161 826 0123 or