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Want to boost your online presence or simply gain some visibility? Go beyond a simple bespoke website. Create your own custom website with a unique and attractive design. It will give you increased visibility and new customers. Our websites are designed to develop your business, simplify its management and save you a lot of time.

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The importance of having a solid website

Creating a website for your company is the best way to find new customers on the internet or keep in touch with the clients you have acquired somewhere else. Depending on the company’s sector of activity and its objectives, it will allow generating requests for quotes, phone calls, and all types of conversions.

Running your own business is not an easy task and requires a lot of your time. Yet, this is no excuse to neglect your online presence. It’s essential to have a strong, professional online footprint. One that conveys to your future customers the credibility your business deserves and makes them want to engage with you more. Let our web designer Liverpool take over this tedious task for you!

Here are 3 reasons why having a strong website is important:

  • 1st impressions matter big time.
  • Buying habits are changing and people are shopping more frequently on the internet.
  • Even if you don’t sell anything online, having a website ensures you have a day and night presence. This way, your potential customers can find and contact you anytime, as well as find out where your business is located.

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Strategic, flexible, and reliable web design Liverpool

It can be quite a challenge to make a website that is good-looking, user-friendly, and technically performant. This is why Candy Marketing has set up working protocols adapted to the different types of sites. Yes, our web designers Liverpool do identify your needs through a preliminary briefing and check your satisfaction during the construction of your website. But we also seek the most efficient strategy to capture the right prospects and find the best way to bring them to enter your sales cycle. Before the graphic creation of your future website, an ergonomic layout is made for each type of page in order to optimize the profitability and the conversion rate.

100% Responsive Design

Our responsive web design Liverpool service has become a key element in the creation of a professional website. In order to respond to this user experience, the development of a website with a responsive design implies the graphic declension of the website in several standard formats. This is the way in which a website is perceived and felt by its users in a digital context, especially in terms of its ergonomic qualities.

How does our custom website design company work?

Web development Liverpool is quite similar to other communication processes. As such, the phases of the web design process include:


It is important to question the needs and purpose of the website. Defining objectives allows the web team to maximize the impact and organization of the site.


Defining the target allows establishing a hierarchy and an organization of the structure of the site. Which information is to be put forward? How should the target be addressed on a given service or product? How exactly will the user access this page?


What is the key information that attracts and motivates the visitor to commit to your products and services? What are the key values that help them differentiate you from your competitors?

Looking for website design Liverpool? Choose Candy Marketing!

The Candy Marketing Agency distinguishes itself by its responsiveness, its ability to listen, and its ability to find solutions to the demands of the most diverse clients.

Our achievements are in accordance with the latest online standards. Your website will be optimized for natural search engine optimization from the moment it is designed.

Our web design services are intended to relieve you of the technical problems of the internet as well as to advise you on your strategy. The ultimate goal is to allow you to devote all your energy to your business.

Clear offers and quotes for a Liverpool website design

Our price offers in Liverpool web design are presented to you in great detail. We also confirm that the site becomes the full property of the client upon delivery.

These offers include the different modules identified during the initial consultation, the strategy, the design, all of which can be added at the beginning of the development or later on. Each of them is explained and priced with a time limit in order to allow the future buyer to plan his web investments.

Personalized follow-up:

Your dedicated project manager coordinates all the phases of creation of your website, and our client platform facilitates their traceability as well as your exchanges.

High-quality design:

Because your website is usually the first image that the public has of your company, we take special care of its visual appearance. Wanna get that Liverpool design? You’re in the right place!

Efficient ergonomics:

To optimize the efficiency of your website, its ergonomics are specifically designed according to your objectives (create awareness, generate qualified contacts, sell, etc.).

Effective optimization:

To optimize the visibility of your website and increase your number of visits, we rely on our great expertise in SEO.

Quality hosting:

Our sites are hosted on top-of-the-range servers, guaranteeing a great speed of display of the pages. Besides, they are subject to permanent supervision and maintenance.

Constant monitoring:

We have developed innovative monitoring solutions that ensure ongoing oversight of the servers, websites, and applications that we manage. In the event of a critical failure, our 24/7 on-call web developer Liverpool is committed to restoring the failing service as quickly as possible. Your server data is backed up daily.

Design and development of software solutions

In order to constantly respond to the specific demands and needs of our clients, especially in the case of the digitalization of their business processes, we include the customized software solutions they need.

This approach has also led to the development and incorporation of software solutions such as an appointment platform or CRM-type management tools.

Keys to a successful web design

With more than a hundred large-scale projects completed, thousands of daily users, and countless happy customers, we rely on a proven experience and methodology. This includes:

  • A consulting study
  • The drafting of technical specifications
  • The design of the interface
  • A semi-functional mock-up serving as a prototype
  • The development
  • Testing

Thanks to our users’ feedback and our supervision tools, our development team is constantly improving and updating our modules. And because our designs are increasingly strategic, our on-call teams are trained to intervene 24 hours a day. Our priority is to provide you with a high level of quality and reliability.

Our customers are the ambassadors of our web design agency

The willingness to offer high-quality services has allowed our design agency Liverpool a long-term loyalty of its clients. As our customers are satisfied with our services, they often call us once again for their new website projects. It is the same for their friends and contacts to whom they recommend Candy Marketing. They become true ambassadors of our web design agency. The customer is the best spokesperson.

Get in touch with our web design agency Liverpool, and let’s make things happen!