No matter how big or small your company is, a better website can revolutionise your business. In the digital age, the way that you present your brand, products or services is paramount. 

With a strong website, you can attract new customers, build brand visibility, increase customer loyalty, and boost your conversion rate. Ultimately, your website is a customer’s first impression, and we all know that first impressions count. 

So when a potential customer or client views your website, it’s essential that you hold their attention. If you’re unsure whether your website is as good as it could be, read more to discover the secrets to success.

Ensure a Sleek Website Design

First things first, your website design is a direct reflection of your business. Does it appear to be outdated? Or is it fresh and innovative?

Showing your audience that you care about the presentation of your website, shows that you care about your customers. Not to mention, visuals are one of the most powerful ways to capture the attention of users. If your website is visually slick, on-brand and eye-catching, your audience will see that you mean business. 

This should also extend to the photographs and graphics that you incorporate throughout your website. Aim to choose high-quality photographs that truly reflect your brand. Where possible, avoid stock imagery and invest the time in building an archive of photographs to use for marketing purposes. 

Showcase Flawless Functionality 

Now that you’ve thought about the visual presentation of your website, it’s time to consider functionality, otherwise known as user experience (UX) design. The functionality of a website can be the difference between a poor website, and a great one. UX design revolves around how positive and productive a user’s experience is when they visit your website.

From the moment a user lands on your website, they should feel that your website is user-centric, and this means it’s crucial to place yourself in their shoes. Airbnb has mastered the art of design, presenting users with impressive visuals and typography, but also a seamless navigation experience. 

Users can also see that the website is up to date, as Airbnb’s design incorporates a timely reference to the current Olympic Games. This brand’s model showcases the power of keeping your website fresh, to connect with the interests of your customers. 

So how does your website work in comparison? Click-through to your website from a search engine, and consider your website’s functionality. Is it easy to find what you are looking for? Does every part of your website serve a purpose? Are your visuals and typography up to scratch? 

If not, it may be time for an update, to ensure that your customers can navigate your website with ease. Enhancing your user experience will increase the likelihood of your audience returning again, and spreading the word about how fantastic their experience was. 

Become More Mobile-Friendly 

Now that you’re thinking about functionality, this brings us to becoming more mobile-friendly.

This is where many companies, both big and small, fall short. A mobile-friendly website has a responsive web design, and this means it can be viewed and used correctly on any mobile or hand-held device. 

If you haven’t considered this before, it’s well worth looking at the statistics. For example, in the first quarter of 2021, 54.8 percent of global web traffic was generated by mobile devices. 

If your website doesn’t work well on mobile, potential customers are likely to leave your website in search of one that can be browsed more easily. 

Take Inspiration from the Experts

We recommend taking some time to browse websites by the experts, such as Apple, and as you browse, consider the website’s visual design, its UX design, and how mobile-friendly it appears across your devices. 

Take inspiration from the way the website represents the brand. From Apple’s website, users can clearly see the slick, savvy design of Apple products reflected across the website; they can also view the website easily by mobile, and interact just as seamlessly as they can by laptop or computer. 

Get Started Today 

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