The big 6 tech companies have become even bigger than we ever thought possible during the last 18 months. Recent figures relating to the companies have sky-rocketed during the pandemic, as many more people have shifted physical activities online. We now watch most of our movies and TV shows through Netflix, stay connected with friends on Facebook, order our groceries from Amazon and search for information using Google. The big 6 are here to stay, and here’s a little bit about the success stories and the current global rankings.

How big are we talking when we analyse the success of the big 6?

Just a few years ago, in August 2018, Apple became the first trillion-dollar company. It only took two years more to reach the $2tn mark, and that was during a pandemic! It is hard to fathom just how big these companies are when you are seeing figures in the trillions, what does that even mean to the average person? The $67bn that Apple made before tax in the last financial year would be enough for the UK government to cover the cost of its entire defence and transport budgets, so we’re talking about companies that have a valuation as large as entire sovereign nations. Amazon have 1.2 million employees world-wide, and Netflix continues to add millions of new subscribers to its streaming service even during these difficult economic times for all. 

The power rankings of the big 6 tech companies

06. Netflix

Netflix has always proved the doubters wrong, just how have they managed to continue picking up brand-new subscribers when each and every one of us either uses Netflix for free through an account linked to a friend or family member, or we have 8 people linked to ours paying nothing towards the cost. It might have started to catch up with them though, with a modest loss of subscribers in the last year and negative share prices for 2021 so far.

05. Amazon

Amazon has exceeded all expectations during the pandemic. There was a huge increase in people signing up to their video-streaming service and a massive increase in the number of people who used Amazon and its next-day delivery service Amazon Prime to buy products and to even do their grocery shopping when countries were in lockdown and there was no option to go out and buy things from a physical store. It has faced problems with questions of tax avoidance in some countries, but it is big enough and rich enough to withstand any attacks on its growth over the coming years. 

04. Apple

Apple’s profits doubled to $21.7 billion in the last third-quarter figures from the year before. It beat the expected revenue expectations and profits, but can it keep this growth up, especially as the world opens back up and we expect there to be some form of contraction in the economy in the wake of a post-covid world. Apple has led the way for so long in sleek, cool design and being at the vanguard of consumer tech, and with the giant leaps forward and the always exciting sales linked to the iPhone models, expect Apple to stay where they are.

03. Facebook

Dominant on the social media front, Facebook is a social media platform that has gone from strength to strength over the last 15 years or so. From small beginnings to connect with friends in university, Facebook is now used by everyone and their grandmother, and is even thought to be at the centre of Russian interference in the US presidential elections and the Brexit referendum in the UK back in 2016. It has a base of 1.91 billion users and monthly active users of 2.9 billion. As it hoovers up the competition and has acquired Instagram and WhatsApp to name just two companies, in the last few years, Facebook is here to stay.

02. Microsoft

At the turn of the millennium, the battle between Microsoft and Apple was heating up and many observers saw a doomed future for Microsoft (who could have predicted that most of the world would be getting a Bill Gates microchip injected into them in 2021), but things certainly perked up over the course of the last decade. Microsoft has experienced massive growth in its Azure cloud unit, with Microsoft cloud solutions the go-to choice for a vast majority of the professional market, and its Xbox continues to break records in the videogame industry.

01. Alphabet

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, continues to post strong digital advertising sales and massive improvements in revenue year-upon-year. Alphabet Inc. was created as a way of making Google more accountable and cleaner, as well as providing an autonomous nature to all the different companies within the group. They have the freedom to work as they wish and to be creative. This philosophy, and the continued strength of Google as THE search engine for 150% of internet users, means that it is in an unrivalled position at the top of the power rankings of big tech.

The power of branding for big tech

There are two great examples of perfect branding, and that is with how Apple and Amazon have grown over the years. We are at a point now where every time Apple releases a new product, whether it is the new iPhone model or a new MacBook, there is unrivalled expectation when compared to any other brand. Apple tech looks sleek and cool, they have matched up with the best designers, the coolest celebrities, have the best features, and they have high prices too. The branding and appeal work so well that consumers will still pay the top dollar prices. 

With Amazon, the focus has always been on the customer. It was a clear mission from day one to offer Earth’s biggest selection and to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Jeff Bezos is obsessed with the customer, making sure there is compelling value, that there is always a wide range of products available, and that customers can receive goods as fast and as safely as possible. Amazon leads the way in grocery deliveries, its massive selection of books, its links with private companies selling items through Amazon Marketplace, video-streaming with its Amazon Prime Video, its next-day delivery service and much more. It is in the vanguard of customer service and that’s why it is at the top of the tree in terms of customer satisfaction. That is its core brand ideal and it works wonders. 

Digital marketing masterclass from Candy

The big 6 tech companies are here to stay. They took the bull by the horns early on, knew their audience, were firm in their commitment to reach their goals and made it happen. It takes guts, determination, a keen eye for detail and an acknowledgment that you need to utilise the expertise of others in certain aspects of your business to succeed. This is where we come in, at Candy Marketing. 

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