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Please Give This Feature a Five Star Review

“You’re popular!” my phone says, as I leave a multi-story car park late at night. It wasn’t commenting on anything I’d done in the car park – not this time – but because I’d triggered Google’s feeding frenzy, and it was trying to flatter its way past my prefrontal cortex so that it could get […]

Insights & News April 2021
Has Lockdown Turned You into an Amazon Addict?

Alongside sunny glimpses of spring, March also marked one year since the first UK lockdown. 2020 was the year that working from home became the norm, and many of us noticed a significant shift in our online behaviour. Most notably, more people started shopping online.  With fewer opportunities to browse shops on our lunch breaks, […]

Insights & News April 2021
We’re Not Remote Working, and Here’s why…

The last year has been such a tremendous change for literally everyone the world over. We’ve been hit hard by the lockdowns and social distancing measures that Covid-19 led to in the UK and beyond.

Insights & News March 2021
The Modern Web IS Bauhaus.

Bauhaus has been such an inspiration on the art and design world for decades. The design team here at Candy has been constantly inspired by the German school of arts since we were in designer nappies back in the early 00s.

Insights & News March 2021
The Frankenstein Effect

You know what it’s like to click onto a website for the first time and to feel like it makes no sense to you at all. Even if you have gone to a company’s website in good faith to buy their products or services…

Insights & News March 2021
5 Signs you Need a New Website

You only ever get one chance to make a good first impression. Your website is still the digital business card for your business and most likely the first port of call for any potential customer to visit.

Insights & News March 2021