So You!

Who Are They?

So You! Cosmetics provide the very latest in well-known brands and the highest quality of product in the world of cosmetics. They sell products through an e-commerce website, utilising the latest cutting-edge technology.

Website Design & UX

We designed some ground-breaking features to help So You! remain at the vanguard of the cosmetic world. Our absolute UX strategy created a user interface beyond anything you would expect from a standard e-commerce site. Users can create an eye shadow palette that is unique to them, selecting colours and using this as a basis from which to choose the products they wish to purchase. In addition to this nifty feature, users can discover products that match their skin tone just by uploading a selfie.

Web Development

Some of the core features we developed included the colour match function – using high-end AI tech to match user skin tone with products via the selfie upload. This is magnificent technology that helps to match the correct foundation with the users skin tone, using our CRO methods to create a seamless user experience that guided them every step of the way towards the end purchase point.