Tonight in Liverpool

What We Did

Who Are They?

Tonight in Liverpool is a vibrant city-guide for everything that’s happening in Liverpool. It is packed full of guides, events and things to do in Liverpool, from cafés and restaurants, to bars and nightclubs and the general lifestyle culture of the city. It is an informative tool to keep abreast of the best things Liverpool has to offer.

Website Design & UX

The platform required a strong and exciting brand to reflect the vibrancy of Liverpool as a city. Taking inspiration from Liverpool’s famous purple wheelie bins, the colour palette of blue & pink gradient was applied. A considerable map function user interface and cutting-edge filter system was created that makes it easy for users to find a bar, restaurant or nightclub.

Web Development

We chose the Joomla CMS platform, as bespoke functionality was required.  Joomla is built on model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. This enabled us to implement Mapbox for the venue search function to integrate with each of the pages.