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    Connecting with your customers is your primary concern as a business. Whereas in the past we relied on our connections with customers that came into our physical retail store and built a brand in a very localised area, the modern consumer reaches the world over. 

    eCommerce Website Design in Liverpool

    Candy has the experience as a Liverpool digital marketing team to help you reach your customers and to sell direct to them online. We’ll provide you with the foundation of an eCommerce website design service in Liverpool that helps you reach a worldwide audience if that’s what you want to do.

    Whether you have a small online store with just a few products you would like to sell, or a wide range of products numbering into the hundreds and thousands, Candy can help build a beautiful eCommerce website that provides the best customer journey and helps you increase sales without compromising the quality of delivery. We will build your:

    • Product list
    • Product categorisation
    • Content Strategy
    • Link Acquisition
    • Payment gateway integration
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    We create coherent digital marketing strategies that speak volumes about your business. This is imperative as you seek out new customers and build on your core customer base. If you are looking to make the jump from physical sales and retail stores into online sales, or you wish to complement your physical retail environments with direct online sales through your website, you are in the right place. 

    There are countless benefits to you using our Liverpool eCommerce website service, as you look to push on and grow your business over the coming months and years and add to your loyal customer base.

    Faster Buying

    The sales journey for your customers must be as comfortable and fast as possible. Remove the obstacles a potential customer faces when they see your product online but must wait for the store to physically open before they can purchase. By building an eCommerce website for your Liverpool business, you can make the purchasing journey fast and smooth for your customers, allowing them to click and buy as they are browsing products on your website.

    Enhance the Product Information

    As your customers are browsing product listings online, an effective eCommerce website allows you to add as much detail as possible, providing all the information that helps customers find the perfect product, to rediscover old favourites, or to quickly find the product they buy on a regular basis. You can include the product price, category, description, delivery dates and shipping information, quickly and easily.


    What are the benefits of an eCommerce website to my business?

    At Candy we understand the need for a coherent digital marketing strategy that talks directly to the customer. If your company wants to sell products or services direct to your customers online, our eCommerce website development service is second to none. There are a few reasons why it is a great choice for a growing business with an impressive brand identity.

    Clear Imagery

    One of the best ways that you can make an instant connection with the user and convert them from a lead into a customer is through the imagery that you use and the detail that goes into the product listings. The information mentioned above is critical, of course, but so too is the image attached to each product. We’ll ensure that all your products look great, with high-res images attached with multiple views of each product, different dimensions, and colours where applicable and that they are viewable on multiple devices. 

    Lower Costs

    If you have physical retail stores that you wish to complement with online sales, this will help you reduce your overall costs, as you can reduce the amount of stock kept in each physical store and there is less need for the regular upkeep and maintenance of those stores as you make more interactions and direct customer sales online. If you are primarily an online store you are removing the cost of a physical store entirely, helping you to lower the overall cost of your operation. 

    Easy Interaction with Customers

    We are online 24/7. Your average Liverpool consumer will be scrolling on their phone from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to sleep at night. Interacting with your customers online is so important, therefore. A boring company website that is full of text but little imagery or design, will likely just scare the customers away. With Candy you are guaranteed an eCommerce website that looks fantastic, engages with the user in an authoritative and exciting way and provides the foundations of a digital marketing campaign that builds your brand and customer base.


    Flexibility of the point of sale

    When you have an eCommerce website the sky is the limit. Your customers can now reach you any time of the day or night, and from any location. Whether you have a physical store with set opening ours or not, an order can be placed by a customer, ready for you to process when you start work again. It speeds the entire buying journey up for the customers. You can also look to scale more readily and effectively, reaching out to customers in Liverpool with your eCommerce website, but also those in Europe, the US, Asia, or Africa. Wherever you want to sell, you can do with an exciting eCommerce website from Candy.