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User experience is everything.

Every single person loves to feel respected, cherished and that they matter. We treat our own clients in this way and our UX design agency has been designed to help our clients implement a customer-first philosophy that drives results.

The customer is always the most important part of your business. Your entire organisation is built on how to deliver your products and services to the customer and how to keep them happy. Every decision that we make, is decided based on what your customer is looking for. Our UX and design services, we’ll look after the needs of your customers.

There are different reasons why you might need support from our UX design agency in Manchester:

  • increasing the overall performance of the business
  • increasing leads
  • increasing customers sales
  • improving customer data collection and management
  • improving engagement on your website

We build UX design solutions that engages with your website visitors, gets them excited and gives them no other option but to take action. We’ll implement the right strategies for specific customer profiles and balance our own expertise with your brand and your business practice. We’ll strip away the nonsense and concentrate on the key, clear strategies to improve the customer experience and win you plaudits:

Quality UX Research

We deliver innovative UX research that keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We take a look at the market to see how your brand, products and services are perceived and use that information to create clear and coherent plans to improve those perceptions and to maximise leads and profits. Our UX team achieves this by understanding the latest trends in tech, design and the digital world.


All of the research about your services and products helps our experienced team to create accurate profiles of your current customers and potential buyers. Successful UX parameters are built on understanding the needs of your customers and how your products and services provide them with solutions. We build a coherent conceptualisation of the project to demonstrate how you can reach your long-term goals with our assistance.


Wireframing brings together the important UX research and design conceptualisation in one perfect place. We’ll show you how the entire project will be shaped, helping to increase customer-centric functionality, create engaging content and a structure that helps to increase traffic to the site, improve sales numbers and engages with customers in a way that increases customer satisfaction.

For a UX agency Manchester, look no further than Candy Marketing. We know how to build solid relationships with your customers through the creation of user-focused digital marketing structures. With our help you’ll attract new customers and get your existing customers singing your praises to everyone they meet!