Web Development Liverpool

From Design to a Pixel Perfect Website

Website development experts Candy understand how to move your business forward with a secure website that has fantastic functionality and performance levels that match the expectations of your business and your customers. Our web development team works hand in hand with the website design team, enticing new customers to a digital landscape that positively sings about your brand and builds a loyal customer base.

Web development in Liverpool & Manchester

We never want you to feel confused when discussing website development, and that is why we always keep things simple. Our expertise is in developing websites for our customers that function perfectly, look great and offer high digital security. We’ll demonstrate to you how we plan to get your company to where it wants and needs to be, transforming your business and bringing it to the eyes of a larger potential customer base.

We work with the following Technologies:

  • WordPress / Drupal / Joomla / Magento
  • Laravel / Vue.js / Node.js / React

Great Development and Design as One

Great web design is no good on its own. We understand the need to develop a joined-up service combining the best of design and web development. Your website will look spectacular, but it will also function perfectly too. We’ll provide the digital platform for your customers to engage with you in an effective manner, whether it is on a web browser on a PC, on a mobile or any other platform or device. Wherever they find you, we’ll ensure your customers have a smooth journey and love your brand as a result.

Tailored to Your Needs

There is never a genuine way of offering a template website service that is 100% effective at giving you what you want. Our approach to every client and project is to take it on its merits, to sit down with our clients and have a conversation about everything. We want to get to know your company and industry better, to understand the logistical challenges you face within your digital strategies and how we can help provide the solution with modern website development services. There is a very different challenge to be faced on an eCommerce website than there is on a brochure website for example, and our team optimises its approach to meet your specific needs head on, integrating with various CRM platforms to add genuine value to your customers.

Technical Expertise and Knowledge to Drive your Business

We love everything about web development. Our team is consistently searching for new trends and techniques within the industry, and we love to get our hands on a brand-new project to work on. This drive to keep on improving means that whatever project comes their way, our web dev team understands how to deliver to a high and consistent level, working within different frameworks and targets. No matter what your customers are looking for, we have the team to deliver the perfect solution.

Compatibility on all Platforms

The digital world continues to evolve at a fast pace. As it changes, so to do the demands of users and the necessity for new website development trends. We look at your website from a variety of angles, ensuring that your brand is visible and relevant on all the platforms that your customers and potential customers will view it from.