Is your agency using a website template? If so, you may be selling yourself short. Successful agencies invest the time and money in a bespoke website that authentically represents who they are and what they do. With a sea of agencies out there, it’s crucial to capture the attention of your target audience. You may have heard the following banded around, Divi Builder, Instapage and Webflow, avoid these at all costs and here’s why…

So if you are torn between a template or bespoke website, read on to discover 7 reasons why your agency should invest in a bespoke website today.

01. Templates restrict your creativity

Creativity is key when it comes to a strong website. Though you may not feel like creativity comes naturally, even the smallest personal touches can transform a website. Templates can be extremely restrictive, so when it comes to showing off what your agency is capable of, or connecting with your customers, you’re likely to find templates limited in comparison to a bespoke website that has been designed exclusively for you. 

02. Bespoke websites are better for SEO

If you’re more concerned with the technical side, it’s worth considering the significant technical flaws to using a template. For example, template websites often involve messy coding and slow responses, which means Google will rank your website lower than websites with clean code and fast response times. Bespoke websites mean you can easily control the technical attributes to your website, and ensure that everything from your alt tags, to your meta descriptions, are up to scratch. 

03. A bespoke website is a better long-term investment

Not forgetting, investing in a bespoke website can save you money in the long term. While template websites may appear to be cheap, it can be far more cost-efficient to invest in a high-quality website once, rather than paying for the same template, or different templates, time and time again. 

04. You can’t tailor a template to your audience

When it comes to connecting with clients, the design of a website is essential. Bespoke websites can be tailored directly to the wants and needs of your audience. However, if a potential client doesn’t like your template, or finds it difficult to navigate, it can be tricky – due to restrictions – to make the amends that will give your website the boost it needs. 

05. Template websites don’t stand out from the crowd 

If you’ve ever clicked on two websites that look almost identical, it’s more than likely that the companies have used the same template. Place yourself in the shoes of a customer; would this website mishap affect how you view the companies? Most likely, spotting a company that has an identical website will affect how you see their professionalism. If customers can see that you haven’t spent the time or the money investing in a good website, how can they trust you to do the best job with your products or services?

06. Templates can be incompatible with web browsers 

Web browser compatibility is another headsore for companies that use templates. Though a template may work smoothly with Google, customers using alternative web browsers may find that your template isn’t compatible, leaving them with a poor user experience. Of course, this will directly affect their decision to stay on your website, or to leave. 

07. Templates aren’t as secure as bespoke websites

Lastly, templates don’t guarantee strong security. Creators of templates may not make updates regularly, which can leave your website vulnerable to significant security breaches. So, to feel rest assured that your website is as secure as can be, it’s much more beneficial to opt for a bespoke website, where you can stay in the loop with updates, and contact the right person to provide help if you need it.

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