We’re feeling festive here at Candy Marketing – so today’s blog just had to be Christmassy. And what better way to celebrate the season of snow, sledging and sparkle than with a blog focused on Santa-themed websites?

This might seem a little niche, but hear us out. Santa Claus-themed websites receive millions of visitors each year, and 2022 is no exception. These highly creative and often interactive sites might look deceptively simple, but there’s usually sophisticated and complex back-end functionality powering them behind the scenes. It’s actually a great way to consider generating a little extra income come Christmas time, alongside a healthy dose of festive cheer of course!

We’re not going to go too techy today though with Christmas just around the corner – instead we’re focusing on the fun elements of these fantastic sites and sharing features and characteristics you (and your little ones) will love. So sit back and relax with your festive tipple of choice (Baileys Hot Chocolate or mulled wine, anyone?) and browse our pick of the best Santa websites of 2022.

1/ Santa-Nav

Are your kids wondering where Santa is while he’s doing his rounds during the month of December? If so, the NORAD Track Santa site is for you. It uses Google Earth in 3D to show where Santa is in the world, starting at 7pm the night before Christmas Eve. This simple yet effective site enables kids (and big kids) to enjoy the excitement of keeping tabs on Santa in real time whilst also bringing in an educational element, allowing you to see different areas of the globe as he makes his way to each country.

If you and your little ones want to track Santa’s movements in the run up to the big day, you can use desktop version (remembering to download Google Earth first) or the iOS app. The graphics are a little low-res for most audiences in 2022, but that doesn’t take away from the magic or charm of this Santa-tracking software.


2/ Find out if you’ve been nice (or naughty)

We all want to know who’s on Santa’s list…particularly the naughty one. And with this site you can do just that!

It’s not only the thrill of receiving a message from the big man himself that makes Portable North Pole so popular. There’s also something particularly satisfying about being able to greet tricky behaviour with the threat of telling Santa Claus exactly what’s been going down. Keeping that magic alive are sites like Portable North Pole, which offers high-quality free personalised videos straight from Santa himself. Using sophisticated AI software you’ll be asked a few simple questions about your child including their name and gift list. You’ll then receive a computer-generated (but totally believable and super-cute) video in which Santa personally greets your child, congratulates them for being so well-behaved (unfortunately no versions are available with a warning for bad behaviour, sorry parents) and drops a cheeky hint about what might be waiting for them this year under the tree. The free version is somewhat limited, but Premium add-ons are available including calls for multiple children (not all names and pronunciations are available). On top of this there are plenty of stories and games for children to enjoy.

3/ Take a trip down memory lane

There is of course a serious side to Christmas – the traditions we take for granted now have rich origins and came to us via different parts of the world. This educational and historical site explores the traditions of Christmas, specifically the story of the real St Nicholas who modern-day Santa Claus is modelled on. This site is basic and doesn’t have any interactive features, but it is filled with resources to help little ones understand who Father Christmas is and how he came to be recognised worldwide – with information on how Santa is seen in other parts of the world (with details of celebrations from over 30 countries, to be precise). There are also plenty of fun activities, craft ideas, recipes and more to keep the whole family busy in the run-up to Christmas.

4/ Keep the kids occupied (and on their best behaviour)

Santa Claus Office isn’t actually an independent site with its own domain, it’s a Facebook page – but it comes with different features that make it worthy of a spot on our list of Santa websites. It’s managed and updated all year round, but activity naturally ramps up around Christmas time. Here you’ll find lots of cool videos and livestreams direct from Lapland, to help your kids keep tabs on Santa’s activities and whereabouts in the lead up to the big day. There aren’t many activities over here – but head over to northpole.com and you’ll find plenty to choose from including Christmas printables, crafts, recipes and videos.

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