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    Howdy! Looking for premium web design Belfast? You couldn’t be in a better place. Let us show you how we can help you build a website that will drive your competitors crazy!

    Web Design Belfast At Its Finest

    At Candy, we create websites from scratch for each and every one of our clients. Our experienced and dedicated web designers will create a fully personalized graphic charter that is fully in line with your brand identity and business goals. Schedule a call with a Candy team member to talk about how we can help you achieve those goals!

    Show up. Stand out. Make more money.

    By choosing our Belfast web design agency, you will be working with a team of people who are passionate about their work and who put their clients at the heart of their approach by offering innovative and personalized concepts that will help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.

    Let’s Work Together

    Latest Website Projects

    This is how we do web design in Belfast

    Our team of designers and developers can help you create an attractive, functional website that meets your needs. Here’s how.


    We start each project with an initial discussion about your desires and expectations. From there, we work together to create a plan of action that fits your specific needs and wishes. We ensure that our solutions fit seamlessly into your brand identity and overall business strategy.


    At this point, we’ve studied your business thoroughly, so we’re confident we can help you achieve success. We also agreed. On the action plan, and now frame it strategically to ensures that our efforts lead to the desired results.

    03Design & Development

    Now that the direction of the project is clearly defined, our web designers start the creative process. We don’t use pre-designed templates, but spend the time creating something totally unique and of the highest possible standard.


    You will be presented with prototypes and sketches of the layout and functions of your website. The intention is to match your values and to bring a strong visual identity to your online presence.

    05Testing & Quality Checks

    We want you to impress your audience and provide it with a smooth navigation experience across the site. To ensure that this happens, we spend time testing each functionality and checking the quality of each page so that everything runs well on the day of the launch and for years to come.


    If you fancy cafe meetings as much as we do, let us introduce you to your new website around a nice Latte so that you get familiar with all of the sites’ functionalities and learn to administrate and maintain it.

    07Flight Checks

    Your website is ready for launch! If you need us, we’ll be available for any urgent assistance. Enjoy the fruits of your Belfast web design project!


    The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here – yes, it’s time to go live! We’ll pre-agree a time and date for your website launch, when developers will deploy your shiny new site from staging to the live server ready for you to share with the world.


    We use all the latest software for


    Our key ingredients

    At Candy, we’re not just building websites. We’re organizing our projects strategically, executing them precisely, providing exceptional customer support, and understanding our clients’ specific requirements.

    Your recipe for success

    With years of experience in Belfast web design, Candy has a great deal of success in building websites, from the study of your needs to the implementation of the best web development solution, as well as making sure that your project is on time and on budget.

    Friendly, flexible support

    We are a team of web designers who work proactively on your projects to anticipate unforeseen events and advise you on the best course of action. Flexibility , innovation and transparency are our watchwords and we take great care to keep communications simple and human.

    Expert coding

    When designing our sites, we don’t use pre-built, reusable templates. Instead, we create each site individually following specific guidelines and high standards so that you can be sure that your site looks exactly the way you want it to look, and works exactly the way you want it to work.

    Total responsivity

    You can count on Candy for building your website with all types of users in mind so you don’t lose on the traffic. Our websites don’t just look good on big screen. They’re suitable for all devices, whether it’s viewed from your computer, from your mobile phone, or even from your tablet.

    Beautiful websites, built to last

    We help companies of all sizes to improve their online presence by providing tailor-made web design solutions that are equally beautiful as they are functional. Contact our web design agency in Belfast so we can start working on your website!

    Get noticed online with our Belfast web design agency

    We offer professional web design services for any type of business from start-ups to established companies. Whether you need a new online presence, a redesign, or anything else, we can handle it.

    We strive to provide beautiful, functional websites that enable companies to grow. From e-commerce sites to blogs, we’ve got you covered. Our team will make sure your new website is designed just the way you imagined it. If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us today!


    Entrust your web design Belfast project to Candy Marketing

    A greatly built website will give you the ability to market your own products and services among a large and diverse audience. It gives you the flexibility to grow your client base by expanding beyond your local community.

    At Candy, we help you get your website up and running quickly so you can begin selling online. Whether you’re brand new to eCommerce or an experienced marketer, our experts will be there for you at every stage of the process.

    Get in touch to learn more about our unique approach to web design!


    Why choose Candy for Belfast web design?

    Here are just a few reasons to choose our web design company Belfast:

    • Interface design
    • User-friendly web design
    • Accessibility
    • User Experience (UX)
    • Responsive web design

    At Candy, we specialize in creating high quality, responsive WordPress themes that work seamlessly across multiple devices. Our designs are built around a clear understanding of what works best on a variety of screen sizes and device types. Whether you’re planning an eCommerce site, blog, portfolio, or something else entirely, we’ll make sure it’s designed perfectly for whatever you’ve got planned.

    We offer a wide range of custom websites for Belfast businesses who want to establish themselves online. We’re also here if you need help from start to finish, no matter which stage of your project you require our assistance at. You can choose to leave everything to us or simply ask for advice. Whatever you decide, we’ll be there for you throughout the entire project.

    Let’s Design Something Special