The Internet is a marvellous thing. From basic pages with just simple bits of text and information a couple of decades ago, it has quickly evolved into something that none of us ever thought possible. We deal in business websites, but we also love finding fun and engaging websites to spend some time scrolling through. Sometimes, we want to find old music and TV shows to watch, other times we need some information from a reliable source, and often we want to leave our desks and homes for a few minutes to be transported to a completely different part of the world.

Good websites do this for you. They transport you out of your location into places that you could never previously dream of. The Internet makes the world a smaller place, it builds communities and provides endless possibilities. Enjoy our list of some of the best websites that you might not know about and let us know if there are any fun sites that you love and you think we would too!

This is a magical musical time machine like no other. This website has a timeline function and world map, allowing you to click on different countries and then choose a decade. You’ll be instantly taken to that time, listening to the radio from that time and place, as if it was live. Any time, any place, you can hear that radio, so why not go back to 1910s Japan, through to Germany in the 1960s, Disco in the US in the 70s or Britpop in the UK in the 1990s.

Another cool radio website, Drive & Listen is both a visual and sound tool. There is a long list of cities from around the world that you can click on from a drop-down menu. The video feed then changes to a view from a car in the city of your choice, and you can toggle to listen to the local radio station from that place.

  • Window Swap

What a lovely idea this website is. If you are bored of the view from your window, or you aren’t lucky enough to have a window to look out from at your current desk, why not take a few moments out of your day to look out of someone else’s window? Window Swap allows you to click on and look out of different windows from around the world. See fields in New England, a view of the Parisian skyline, a Thai beach-scene, or the snow in Canada. It’s the perfect way to switch off for a few moments during a busy day.

If you love quizzes and the pressure of a countdown, Sporcle is for you. We like to do the football quizzes here in the Candy offices, naming the last 30 European Cup Finalists, but there are quizzes on all sorts of things, from Oscar winning movie directors, to capitals of all the countries in the world and complicated crosswords.

One of the most annoying things about being an adult is having to figure out what to cook every single night of your life. Sometimes, you open the cupboard and the fridge, look at the different ingredients you’ve got and just have no clue what to cook. Super Cook is the perfect answer. All you need to do is input a load of ingredients that you have, and it will list cookbook recipes that include those ingredients.

Google Arts & Culture is home to content from over 2000 museums and archives from around the world. These institutions of huge cultural importance have teamed up with the Google Cultural Institute to give insight and access to everyone. Click on a street mural exhibition to see some of the most famous murals the world over through Google Street View and have access to some of Van Gogh’s finest work and where those paintings were completed.

Sometimes, the best way to get inspiration is to see how far we have already come. The Wayback Machine is an archive of screenshots from websites throughout the time of the Internet. So, you can search a URL and see what it looked like 5,10,15 years ago. We’ve come such a long way and our web design now looks like it’s from a completely different planet to some of the sites back in the 90s!

Talking of the 90s, how about this dream website?! An interactive TV simulator where you can scroll through different channels as if you are watching TV live, in the 90s! We’ve just spent a few minutes watching commercials and getting excited for Christmas, just like we did back then as kids!

McDonald’s is an important part of how our world functions. There is no getting away from it. Sometimes, all you want is a McFlurry to get you through the rest of the day, and there is nothing quite as disheartening as walking into a McDonald’s and finding that the ice cream machine is broken. Fear not, this is the answer for you. McBroken tracks which machines are working and which are broken, with a simple map so you can see what’s happening at the golden arches nearest to you!

  1.  Zoom Quilt

This is a mesmerising website that helps you to switch off from stress and watch a lovely, calming, and relaxing bit of art for a while. Mindfulness is an important thing these days, and with Zoom Quilt you can become hypnotised with this meditative picture that zooms in infinitely, revealing new pictures every few seconds.

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For us, this list of fun, underrated, and interesting websites is great for several reasons. Some of the sites are designed to help you switch off and relax, to get away from the stresses of your daily life. Others are useful and informative, but all the websites here are those that inspire us here at Candy. We love to look around for inspiration, to see new ideas, to get creative and to realise how there is no limit to what we can achieve within web design and digital marketing.

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