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    Need your site to stand out? Would you like to generate more sales? Want to launch your start-up with a memorable campaign? Our website design company’s got you covered.

    Our skilled and experienced team of designers excel in creating unforgettable brand identities, compelling print material and engaging website interfaces for a wide range of clients. From fashion to finance, from food to furniture, we bring businesses to life.

    A web design studio offering honest advice, industry experience and a great portfolio of work

    Through our own industry experience we noticed that not many agencies had honesty, transparency and a genuine passion for helping businesses to succeed at the heart of their offering…so we set up one that did.

    From user experience and wireframes to research and development – we understand all areas of web design. Whether you need us to build a start-up business with nothing up to a fully functioning online presence, revamp an existing website, or take a successful brand to the next level – we’ve got you covered. Our talented and creative web design team will work alongside you in collaboration to create a site that reflects your brand, talks to your audience with meaning and personality, and has great functionality across all devices.

    Let’s Work Together

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    Our Process

    Our web design agency in UK is truly passionate about great web design and future-proof functionality – but we also know that you need web design support that eases your workload, rather than adding to it. Our 8-step process keeps things simple and stress-free, so you always know what’s coming next and can prepare and plan for launch accordingly.


    This is where the UK web design process starts. We’ll hold some discovery sessions with you, then discuss your visions for your new site and of course, our recommendations on what we think will work best for you in line with your target audience and objectives.


    Just like any construction project, our web designers UK will begin by creating technical wireframes – essentially, this forms the blueprint to your site. During this process, we’ll explore layout and technical aspects and make sure everything is in the right place before the fun really begins.

    03Design & Development

    Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, our team of dedicated designers will start putting your ideas into a reality! Using a variety of web design UK programs, they’ll combine their technical knowledge with their instinctive creativity to deliver something that not only looks good but works well, too.


    Once they been approved, our web design team will ensure your designs are presented via working prototypes to give you a clear vision of how things are going to look. You’ll be able to scroll through your website’s pages to really get a feel for the finished article.

    05Testing & Quality Checks

    This is perhaps the most important part of our process: testing. Essentially, our web design agency UK is just making sure things work how they should and ensuring any glitches or bugs are ironed out. Our whole team will thoroughly test the site on various browsers and devices to ensure we’ve conducted a comprehensive check on all aspects of your new site.


    Once the site is ready for launch, we’ll invite you to relax in the comfort of our office with a brew and biscuit so we can get you fully acquainted with your new website. We’ll ensure you leave with all the knowledge you need to keep things ticking over – but if you don’t fancy taking on the upkeep of the site yourself, we have a variety of maintenance packages tailored to suit you.

    07Flight Checks

    During this stage we’ll conduct final checks of the website to ensure that all functions are in place. We also ensure the performance of your website meets requirements and all final bugs are ironed out.


    The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived…it’s time to go live! We’ll agree a time and date, then our developers will deploy your new website from staging to the live server and you can show off your brand new site.


    We use all the latest software for


    Our key ingredients

    Just like your favourite sweet treats, our website builds are all meticulously formulated using our tried and tested recipe for success, tailored to your specifications.

    Stunning, audience-led design

    Once the architecture and wireframes are defined, we set about creating a unique brand identity specifically for you. Whether we’re using an existing brand or developing a new one from scratch, we’ll create a stunning aesthetic for your new site, focusing on it looks and feels to the end user.

    Friendly, flexible support

    We’re here when you need us to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your website build. Our friendly, expert teams will work closely alongside you, offering the value of our experience every step of the way (with no confusing tech jargon!).

    Expert coding

    All our sites are bespoke built from the ground up – no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all templates for us. Our coding abilities enable us to create anything you have in mind, from advanced functionality to enhanced design features.

    Total responsiveness

    The way people access sites and use the internet changes rapidly – so you need a site that can keep up with your customers. All our sites are built with responsivity as standard, so they adapt seamlessly to any device.

    Beautiful websites, built to last

    Style needs substance – so we ensure that every site we build is future-proof and growth-ready. We know you need a site that moves as you do, so our support is versatile and flexible, with the capacity to evolve with your business.

    A bespoke website is the first step to develop your online visibility

    A bespoke website provides your targeted audience with information about your company’s activities, services, or products. This label is generally opposed to E-commerce sites or online stores that directly generate sales and turnover.

    A bespoke website is generally composed of more or less dedicated pages on which the company describes its activity, its offers, and its geolocation. A geo-localized access map locating your headquarters, your showroom, or your sales outlets will allow your prospects to calculate the time needed to reach you. It must also facilitate the accessibility of your company by providing an intuitive contact form.


    An E-commerce website will boost your sales on a global scale

    At a time when e-commerce takes off, you want to launch a strategy that involves online sales. An e-commerce website will allow visitors to order and pay online for desired products or services.

    The realization of an e-commerce website implies a thorough strategic thinking to identify all the needs of your business but also to meet the expectations of the future customers of your online store.


    Whatever the type of website you choose, we can integrate e-commerce functionalities such as:

    • Creation of Profiles
      Learn who your customers are, their behaviours and spending habits
    • Personalised Offers
      Need some info to go here
    • Online purchase of a subscription, a service, or a product
      Need some info to go here

    Candy Marketing offers a comprehensive solution that includes personalized support and the establishment of an online sales website capable of meeting your business needs.


    Why choose Candy Marketing to create your website?

    Compared to free or low-cost platforms easily found online, the advantages of hiring us are numerous:

    • The advice and the know-how of a dedicated contact person
    • A tailor-made solution adapted to your budget
    • A unique interface design that will not be duplicated endlessly on other sites
    • Custom development of some features

    The websites developed by Candy Marketing have an independent management tool. After a short training, you are able to manage the content of your site independently. Our friendly developers are always available in case of any doubts or questions.

    Let’s Design Something Special

    Halfway between showcase and e-commerce is the catalog website

    The catalog website is probably the most requested tool by companies wishing to extend their activities to the online market and introduce their services and products on a global scale.

    The work done by our website design company is pre-optimized for SEO. It is developed in an Open Source technology and meets the quality criteria imposed by search engines and in HTTPS. In order to facilitate exploration by search engines, the catalog module is developed on multiple levels by default. Each level is managed separately by language.

    Visual Aspect

    Once the architecture and wireframes are defined, the next step among our web development services is to set up a graphic design. This design is largely based on your company’s brand identity. Thus, it is important to define a logical coherence between the basic identity (logo, typography, color charts, etc.) and the way it will be displayed on the website.

    The website format is a continuity of the global identity of the company, and a showcase of the latter. The brand identity plays a fundamental role here. Our web development agency will want to visually transmit its symbolism and forms to the site.


    Wireframes and site architecture

    The architecture of a site includes the wireframes of the pages. That is to say, the structure and content blocks (texts, images, buttons, etc.) that make up the whole structure of the website. It is above all a matter of defining their relationship to one another and defining how the navigation should be organized. Wireframes provide a precise view of the content that will appear on each page. As a result, they make up the structures that serve as a guide to the content hierarchy.


    Code and development

    After the validation of the model, the resources and elements defined previously must be transmitted to the web designers so that they can create the pages of the website. Our web development uk allows defining patterns specific to the site model so that it is as modular as possible.


    Total responsiveness

    Several sub-steps make up this process, such as optimizing the images so that they are fast enough to load for any user visiting the site. Particular attention is paid to navigation and adaptation to different screen sizes (computer, phone, and tablet). Regardless of the device you use, the site is always perfectly optimized and readable.


    Launch and optimization

    Before putting the website online, tests are performed on different types of computers (PC and MAC) and browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). This way, we make sure that no glitches will interfere with the users’ browsing experience. Our website development company corrects all issues before the site is launched.

    Creation and development of customized websites

    Each company is unique. Most of them will be happy with a bespoke site, a catalog site, or an e-commerce site. But some companies need a custom website in order to stand out from the competition and open new markets.

    This can also be the case if you want to carry out an online project that goes beyond the traditional framework of websites. You may also want to create a website with specific functionality that meets a precise need. The creation of a custom website is often part of a global communication strategy.

    Our website designers UK develop specific modules to meet your requests in order to convert the visitors of your site into the sales cycle of your company. Our web development company brings logistical savings and ease of management.