Good design never stands still. The same can be said about web design. Every now and then you’ll come across an opinion from an ‘expert’ that says web design is dead, but in reality, website design is in constant evolution and the best web design companies know this and will always look to push boundaries, discover new techniques and make sure that design does not stagnate. Why do people keep sounding the death knell for web design when there is nothing further from the truth?

The evolution of web design

The difference in web design today than even ten years ago is that it continues to evolve and there is a need for something different these days. There has definitely been a shift in emphasis towards the user experience and ensuring that the design of a website plays in perfectly with the functionality and customer satisfaction that every business needs to be a success online. The demand for UX designers has never been greater and this in itself shows you exactly what state the web design world is in at the moment. Long gone are the days of single, postcard-style websites designed to just post some simple bits of information online, instead replaced with a wide range of digital products, services and techniques aimed at many different strands of users and potential customers for those going live with business websites.

What can you expect from web pages in the modern age?

In today’s world of web design and online marketing there are many different components coming together to strengthen the perception of a single brand. You’ll require design for a wide range of products rather than just one, standalone website. These include:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media platforms
  • APIs
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Business location signage
  • Physical advertising literature

It is vital that all of the different strands of marketing, both online and offline, come together under a unified brand that is coherent and speaks volumes for your business. This is where good design comes into play in helping a business maintain a loyal customer base whilst attracting new customers into the fold on a consistent basis. 

The different faces of modern web design

Modern web design is not as straightforward as it once was. There are a few different types of design and techniques that are required for a modern web design project. At Candy we have the skills and expertise to cover all the bases. Let’s take a look at what modern web design looks like.

The importance of good UX design

UX (user experience) design is the design process used to create products that shine through to users in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them specifically. This entails many different aspects of web design, including the branding of the business in question, the design, functionality and usability of the site when thinking about users in particular. UX design is about identifying the needs of your customer and then finding the most effective way to meet those needs. UX design is about ensuring the journey is smooth for a user to become a customer, otherwise you may lose potentially good leads along the way. Good UX design takes into account design, coding knowledge, business and marketing to create the perfect customer experience.

Creating effective mobile apps

You can search for something on the internet from pretty much anywhere these days, it doesn’t have to just be from your desktop computer or laptop. People search using their smartphone or virtual assistant device, and a great way to ensure that users are coming to view things within your brand is to have an effective mobile app. A mobile app is essentially a mini version of your business website. It doesn’t have to be thought of as a completely separate entity, as it promotes the exact same messages as the full site. It just makes your message more accessible to as many people as possible.

Full integration of all marketing channels

Cohesion of web design is key within the digital landscape that you create for your brand. You want a customer and potential customer to see the same message and to have the same feelings whether they are logging onto your company website, visiting a mobile app, looking at one of your social media feeds or reading a physical advertising pamphlet. Cohesion of all the different disciplines is vital to achieve this.

What about security?

You might not initially consider cyber security an important part of the web design process, but it is. Digital marketing can target potential customers in every corner of the world and online transactions can take place in an instant between a business in Sydney to a customer in Copenhagen and everywhere in between. There is such a high volume of traffic and online transactions at any given time that it is important that your website is secure and has the ability to safely conduct business.

Glorious website design in Liverpool and Manchester

The Candy team has a wealth of experience and artistry in all things web design. We understand the nuances required to design a website that speaks volumes about your particular brand, speaks to your target audience and future customer base, and that functions correctly for the best user experience. Everything ties together with great design, making website design one of the most important pieces of your digital marketing puzzle.

Combining all the best elements of web development, design and functionality, all geared towards fantastic user experience and customer satisfaction, Candy has the team in place to help wow your audience. Find out more today by calling us on 0161 826 0123 or email us and we’ll give you a shout back at your convenience. We’ve got fresh, innovative ideas to help you make a mark.