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    Looking for SEO Cardiff?

    Your search can safely end here. We’ve got everything that you could possibly want from a Cardiff SEO service provider right here at Candy Marketing. Our team of experts can help you get ahead of the competition and dominate your niche, no matter how competitive it is. Try us now and reach those dream rankings in no time!

    Here’s what we offer in our SEO services Cardiff:

    • Technical SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • UX Design for SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Content Strategy
    • Link Acquisition

    Our cutting-edge SEO services Cardiff will get you to the top and make you stay there

    Our team of SEO experts has years of experience in optimizing websites for high search engine rankings. We’re not afraid to innovate, and our approach is as flexible as possible so that you always stay ahead of the game. Because of this, some of the biggest brands in the industry trust us with their digital marketing needs. Want to have a Candy Marketer on your team? Give us a call now!

    An SEO company Cardiff that is with you every step of the way


    Audits & Analysis

    We always analyze your business thoroughly before giving any advice. Our suggestions are suitable for your specific needs and can be quickly put into practice.


    Research & Strategy

    The success of your project comes from the combined expertise of our consultants who research and prepare a winning plan without leaving anything out.


    Implementation & Reports

    After preparing the strategy, we execute it perfectly and communicate updates on the progress of the project with reports that are easy for you to read.

    Good SEO uses a variety of targeted techniques to maximise your exposure online and ensure your brand is always in the right place at the right time.  To keep you ten steps ahead of your competition, our search engine optimisation support covers all key areas needed for online success as part of our six-step process.

    We use the latest technologies available
    to improve your websites SEO performance.

    The processes of our SEO marketing agency

    SEO Audit

    Great SEO in Cardiff starts with a solid audit.

    Your dedicated SEO consultant Cardiff performs an extensive analysis of your current situation before taking action. We then perform regular audits throughout the duration of our work together to ensure that we stay on track.

    Every technical problem is dealt with immediately so that your site remains functional and fully optimized for Google and other search engines. By working with the right statistics, we can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

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    The success of SEO agencies Cardiff is defined by the success of their clients

    And Candy’s results and success stories do all the talk. We are beyond proud to be able to tackle any niche thanks to the experience of our world-class SEO consultants. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help you reach the first page of Google for the most lucrative keywords in Cardiff.

    SEO content

    Cardiff SEO is not complete without good content.

    If you want to increase your traffic from organic sources, you should hire an SEO specialist who is familiar with both the technical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) and the best practices for writing effective web copy. Our SEO Agency Cardiff specializes in both.

    Ask us about content

    Cardiff SEO made easy

    If you’re having difficulty rising above the competition, have a Candy Marketer look at your performance. We’ll work with your team to ensure that your website ranks highly in search results for the keywords your target audience uses the most. We do this without causing unnecessary headaches for you or your staff. In addition, our services come with no strings attached. You won’t find any contracts or long-term commitments. Just great service and genuine support.

    Advanced audits made by world-class SEO consultants Cardiff


    Technical Auditing


    Content Auditing


    Backlink Auditing

    Technical Auditing / Content Auditing / Backlink Auditing

    We use our expertise and knowledge gained from almost a decade in the SEO field to help you reach out to your targeted audience by selecting the right keywords, watching the right metrics, and focusing on setting the right priorities.

    Technical SEO

    We will use the most advanced technical SEO best practices to ensure that your site has a great user experience and is optimized for search engines from all angles. This sets strong foundations for our content and backlink efforts, which can then produce astonishing results and lasting rankings.

    Power your website

    Let’s work together. Let’s rank better.

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    The best SEO in Cardiff under one agency.

    Our mission is to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed online. We want to help you reach your goals and we’re happy to show you how we can be an asset to your business. Contact us for more details.

    • Monthly Reports
      You can expect us to send out detailed monthly reports to keep you up to date on everything that’s happening within your project.
    • Live Rank Trackers
      You can track your SEO performance anytime throughout the month using live tracking tools around pre-selected metrics that match your business goals.
    • Competitor Analysis
      We regularly check our competition’s SEO efforts so that we can beat them at their own game and help our clients stay at the top for the long term.

    We won’t let anyone outrank you!

    Candy Marketing will not just help you get to the first page of the SERPs. We’ll also ensure that you remain there and that your competition loses its leverage over you. We want that traffic to be all yours!

    Spy on the competition

    On-page SEO

    We’ll make sure your website is fully functional at all times, that your content is optimized properly and updated regularly, and that the user experience contributes to high rankings.


    Off-page SEO

    When you work with Candy Marketing, you can be sure that people will talk about you across the community. Your website will receive the juiciest links and you’ll soon become the leading company in your niche.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cardiff SEO: How important are keywords and content to Google?

    Keywords and content are key to how we approach your SEO. The correct choice of keywords and the right approach to how they are implemented on your website and elsewhere, will help determine how Google views your content and how easy it is for users to find your website when searching for specific terms relating to your industry. We practice honest SEO Cardiff with keyword stuffing and other bad practices a thing of the past. Candy is in the vanguard of good SEO and content.

    Is SEO UK a short-term or long-term strategy?

    No matter what you have been told, SEO is never a guarantee a short-term fix. There are ways in which you can see an improvement in fortunes on search engine results relating to your website, but the campaigns of the best SEO companies in Cardiff are those that take months to achieve results. And as one of these SEO agencies Cardiff , we would rather take a methodical approach that legitimately looks to complement your business and brand, targets the correct keywords that lure in the users that could potentially be genuine customers for your business, rather than look for a quick fix, charge you loads of money to do so, and then a month or two later you are nowhere to be found in the search listings. In most cases, once we have laid a solid foundation of research and SEO work, you’ll start to see real results within 3-6 months, after which it is a continuous process to optimize and keep up-to-date with the latest Google algorithms and guidelines.

    Why does your Cardiff business need SEO?

    In just 3 weeks, the first SEO results for a given website are already observable on tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. As for those top rankings, it all depends on the level of the competition and your budget, which will both determine the speed at which your website can outrank the top competitors. Working will world-class SEO consultants will definitely speed up the process as no time will be wasted on outdated, weak, and poorly strategized SEO techniques.

    Why choose Candy for your local SEO Cardiff?

    As one of our core services, Candy understands what makes us shine as an SEO agency in Cardiff. We have a reputation that stands out, delivering a wide range of digital marketing services that help our clients grow in the right manner and to have an effective digital presence. We know how to build brand awareness, to increase customer satisfaction through clever UX and web dev functionality, and most of all, we know how to focus on link building and content creation that helps your potential future customers find you in the search rankings. We understand that without SEO, our beautifully designed websites and highly functional web development approach would mean little, as you need to bring the users to your site to benefit from the rest.

    Technical SEO Cardiff can perplex and bamboozle those with no knowledge of the industry. That is why you are here today. You know that online marketing is the key to growing your business and staying ahead of the competition. Candy has the team, the skills and the knowledge to help you get to where you deserve to be, and our Cardiff SEO services are a key part of that.