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    Hello! We’re Candy. You’re probably here because you’re looking for SEO services in Liverpool – if so, you’ve come to the right place.

    SEO is a powerful tool that any business can use to maximise its online presence and secure a steady stream of new business leads. To be successful online, your business needs SEO to get products and services in front of the right people at the right time – but navigating the complex world of Google (and knowing who to trust to help you do that) can be challenging.  

    At Candy, we focus on delivering real results with no-nonsense, honest advice and 100% transparency at every step of the way. Whether you’re a start-up looking to embark on an SEO campaign for the first time, or an existing business looking to optimise exposure for an existing business, you can rely on us to create a comprehensive, holistic SEO strategy to secure a steady stream of web traffic and consistent exposure to your target market. 

    Preparation and preliminary checks


    Audits & Analysis

    Any SEO journey begins with careful planning and preparation – starting with a thorough technical audit and competitor analysis.


    Research & Strategy

    Once we’ve completed our initial checks and research it’s time to get your SEO strategy off the ground! This begins with the formulation of a dedicated roadmap for your business. During this stage, we’ll conduct in-depth research specific to your industry and formulate a tailor-made strategy bespoke to your business.


    Acquisition & Implementation

    Now the preparation stage is complete, we’re ready to revamp your website to maximise your online presence, boost traffic and secure more leads and conversions for your business.

    Good Liverpool SEO uses a variety of targeted techniques to maximise your exposure online and ensure your brand is always in the right place at the right time. To keep you ten steps ahead of your competition, our search engine optimisation support covers all key areas needed for online success as part of our six-step process.

    We use the latest technologies available
    to improve your websites SEO performance.

    The processes of our SEO marketing agency

    Liverpool SEO Audit

    The SEO audit is an important part of the foundation of successful Liverpool SEO. We’ll research your company and brand, the products and services you sell, your current customer base and competitors, and the future customers you’d like to attract.

    We’ll look at your current website and see how it functions and performs, working out where mistakes can be rectified and how the conversion rate optimisation (CRO) can be improved upon. This information becomes the building blocks of everything that comes next.

    Get a Health Check

    Get your business noticed online with an SEO strategy bespoke-built for you.

    To really get your business off the ground online, you need a dedicated team of specialists who understand the intricacies of SEO and your target market. Our Liverpool-based SEO team are all highly experienced in all aspects of SEO and know the importance of securing organic traffic, helping you to cut advertising costs and enhance market authority and credibility.

    Liverpool SEO content

    The best approach to Liverpool SEO is to get the content spot on. There are several ways in which you can ensure this to help boost your search ranking for specific search terms and keywords.

    As part of our Liverpool SEO services, we’ll perform an extensive keyword research and look at your target users, building content campaigns that make a mark where it matters. Content must always be engaging, a pleasure to read and keep the user on the page for as long as possible. The reader must want to keep reading, and then be implored to act in whatever way you want them, whether that is calling you for more information, leaving contact details or purchasing your products online.

    Liverpool SEO Content could be evergreen content, website content, blog posts on-site or guest posts offline, it can be written as marketing copy for specific campaigns or promotions, but always showcasing your business as an authority in its industry. Google responds well to authentic, authoritative content. And that’s what we provide you here at Candy!

    Ask us about content

    Liverpool SEO you can depend on

    We understand how daunting it can be to invest in something as complex and alien as SEO – but we also know that businesses need responsive, efficient SEO support to help them succeed in their chosen space. Our strategies are multi-faceted and comprehensive, covering all aspects of great SEO to bring positive results for your business.

    Our SEO process can be split into two parts – the all-important foundational stage which includes preparation and planning, and the execution stage, where we begin to fully optimise your online presence to help maximise your exposure.

    Technical, Content and Backlink Auditing


    Technical Auditing


    Content Auditing


    Backlink Auditing

    During this thorough Liverpool SEO audit we’ll identify any technical issues that may affect Liverpool SEO performance across all aspects of your site. This involves assessing your existing content for quality, quantity and relevancy and checking your current backlink profile to see where things need to be tweaked or improved. Audits will be conducted at the start of every SEO Liverpool campaign, then every 6 months after that to make sure we’re staying on top of new developments externally and internally.

    Technical SEO

    Armed with technical and company information and data, our SEO experts will set about ensuring that every aspect of your site and online platform is running at optimal capacity, making changes where necessary and implementing new techniques to ensure a solid foundation for Liverpool SEO. On top of this, our monthly health checks and continuous monitoring ensure that every search engine performance guideline is fulfilled and no glitches or bugs can get in the way to impact upon your progress. 

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    Power your website

    Liverpool SEO Reporting

    We know that you need to keep updated on what we’re doing and where your business is headed when you invest in SEO, so we keep you informed at every step of the way.

    Our simple, easy-to-digest Liverpool SEO reports clearly illustrate progress made during the previous period and enable us to map out your future strategy for further success, detailing various key markers and metrics. Reports will be delivered monthly and include complete ranking monitoring and competitor monitoring, for a 360 view of how your site performance compares with market trends and developments.

    • Monthly Reports
      Analysing data to help influence work for the following month, 3 month or 6-month period.
    • Ranking Monitoring
      Regular monitoring of rankings to help identify and react to any drops and/or improvements in keyword rankings and recognising why these changes have happened.
    • Competitor Monitoring
      Monitoring competitor activity to help us react to any adaptations they make or any competing campaigns they might be running.

    Continuous Competitor Analysis

    When it comes to successful SEO Liverpool, regularly monitoring what others in your space are doing successfully (and where they are falling short) is a valuable tool which helps us to inform your SEO Liverpool strategy. 

    Using the intel we gather we can directly improve your strategies and help to get your business ahead of the game. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of similar businesses can help you recognise opportunities for growth and improvement, whilst avoiding potential pitfalls for swifter, sustainable success online.

    Spy on the competition

    On-page SEO changes

    On-page SEO Liverpool changes are deliberately the first part of the overall SEO process. We’ll resolve any technical issues your website is facing, and then make sure all on-page amendments are performed to a high standard. This is essential before starting the process of brand-new SEO techniques, as we could boost other aspects of SEO to bring new users to your website, but if it currently functions poorly that traffic will be wasted, and you might not see an increase in lead conversion in the form of enquiries or sales. At Candy, we offer SEO Liverpool at its finest!


    Link Building

    Link building is still one of the best ways in SEO Liverpool to boost your search engine rankings, alongside content creation and optimisation. High-quality links and connections will show Google that you are a website and brand to be trusted. We create a strategy at the very beginning of our relationship with our clients, understanding what they need and how to build slow and steady for the best long-term chance of overcoming and maintaining a lead over competitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does your business need an SEO agency Liverpool?

    We design perfect websites for our clients. We know that the better a website is designed, the better it functions, and the better it is optimised for search engines, the higher it will rank in search results, the greater the organic traffic will be, and the more users will find the website and potentially become customers of the business. The higher in the rankings you go, the better the perception Google will have, and it becomes a self-fulfilling circle of positivity within Google rankings, and you’ll become more likely to achieve organic traffic for specific search terms and keywords.

    Of all the different online marketing services we offer to our Liverpool customers, SEO provides the best chance for a positive long-term return on your investment. With paid advertising, as an alternative example, you might see short-term gains in specific keywords and search terms, but this will stop once you stop the project. With SEO this is not the case, offering some flexibility and scalability.

    There is always something else that can be done to improve your SEO in the eyes of Google, such as targeting specific keywords with higher search volumes, or going the other way and looking at lower search volumes with less competitiveness. You can build links, add content, or new sections to your website, improve web functionality and user experience and continuously improve the website for better search ranking results.

    Is SEO a short-term or long-term strategy?

    SEO is never a short-term fix. You might get some results over a short and intense period of SEO work, but you really need to build strong foundations first that sustain your approach over a longer period of time. You can never guarantee success with SEO, so if another Liverpool SEO company has told you that they’ll ‘get you to the top of Google in 3 months’, there is no way that they can know that for sure.

    At Candy, we like to take the longer approach to SEO, as this has the best chance of success for our clients. We’ll take a methodical approach, building from the ground up and laying robust foundations that make it more likely that you’ll see gradual improvements and sustained success. In most cases we expect to see results for our clients over the course of 3-6 months, depending on the specifics of the project. Success could also mean different things to different clients and that’s why every project is tailor-made to the client, industry and target audience.

    How important are keywords and content to Google?

    Thorough keyword research and well-written content is so important to SEO and how Google ranks your website. The correct implementation of keywords into the content on your site and related content will be key in how users find your website. Copy must have a natural flow and be genuinely engaging, not stuffed with keywords and boring to look at. As an SEO agency Liverpool, Candy believes in great content.

    Why choose Candy for SEO services Liverpool?

    SEO is one of our Liverpool SEO company’s core digital marketing services and we have built a reputation on delivering a fine range of services to our clients, all designed to build brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction through clever UX and most of all, ensure that they can be found by future customers searching for terms relating to their products and services. We understand that without SEO, our beautifully designed websites and highly functional web development approach would mean little, as you need to bring the users to your site to benefit from the rest.

    Our SEO company Liverpool knows that the whole concept of search engine optimisation might be confusing to those with no knowledge of the industry. That is why you are here today. You know that online marketing is the key to growing your Liverpool-based business and staying ahead of the competition. Candy has the team, the skills and the knowledge to help you get to where you deserve to be, and our Liverpool SEO services are a key part of that.