For the user, whether or not they have clicked on to a website or a web app is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If the end result is that they have found the information they have been searching for, have bought a product or service, or made an enquiry, that is what matters. The same can be said of your business. Does it really matter whether the customer comes through a website or a web app? All you want is to convert users into leads and leads into customers, and with the right approach you can do so. 

Here, we take a look at the difference between a web app and a website and how in the modern world of digital marketing it is important to have a fully cohesive and blended approach that helps you to attract as many new customers as possible, whatever platform they find you through. It pays off to be prepared and to function in many different lights.

How to define a website

Put simply, a website is a collection of web pages that are all interlinked and relate to each other. These will contain text, images and design, maybe audio and video. In the early days of the internet and businesses promoting their products and services online, a website might only have been one page in size. These days a website can be as small or large as you want or need it to be, spreading into hundreds of pages and sub-pages in some cases. A website needs to be user friendly; it has to be easily searched when someone is using a search engine, must be simple to navigate, look good and display quality content.

What is a web app?

A web app is slightly more complex to build when compared with a website, but they offer more interactivity and functionality for the user. A web app can be accessed by a browser or directly through a download on your smartphone or other type of device. Think about how you access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on your mobile phone, and it is likely that you do so through their custom apps, rather than logging into the web browser function. Web apps tend to support all platforms and browsers, can be easily tested and upgraded and cloud hosted for simple and secure data transfer, storage and functionality.

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What are the big differences between a website and a web app?

There are a few differences between a web app and a website that will help you understand how and why businesses choose to have either (or both) as an accessible platform for users.

Interaction – A website provides the stimulus to the user through visual and text content, that can be read and viewed. With a web app however, there is greater scope to affect the functioning of the data, with the user having the ability to interact, either by filling out forms, comment functions or interacting with the app in other ways that the business seems fit.

Authentication – For a website there isn’t really a need for authentication, especially if it is primarily a source of information only. You will be asked for your consent for data to be used, and you may be asked to register to an email newsletter or similar, but with web apps there is a greater need for authentication for security reasons. There is a much wider variety of functionality and interaction on a web app, meaning there is a need for authentication in a way there just isn’t on a website.

Complexity of tasks – The functions are much higher and complex on a web app when compared with a website, where collected data and information will only be viewed on a specific page when searched for. There is much more flexibility and ease of movement in the interaction a user has with a web app.


What are the benefits of a web app for your business?

There are several benefits to having a web app for your business. With the expertise of Candy Marketing behind you, a web app will bring:

Greater efficiency – A web application helps you to streamline several processes and data streams in one place. It allows you to collect and manage data and information with a much greater degree of accuracy than if you are collecting from multiple sources. Your business will experience greater levels of visibility and run efficiently with real-time data and information at your fingertips.

Scalability – A custom web app for your business provides the perfect chance to scale as and when you grow as an organisation. This is one of the key ideals for any digital business. A customised web application allows you to add more functionality and greater interaction when the consumer data demands it. You can make the right moves at the right time.

User-friendly interface – Your web app can be built with the correct target audience in mind. This focus on UX design is vital to web apps for business, as it allows you to focus on the needs of your customers and to make their journey as smooth as possible at every stage. With central software update rollouts, your users will experience updates without any worry, on any device.

Better customer relationship management – For your business to prosper in the long-term you have to develop a functioning customer relationship management process. Web applications allow for a simple and fast flow of information and an easy interaction between the customer and your business, improving the user experience and customer satisfaction rates along the way.

Perfect web app and website solutions with Candy Marketing

At Candy we know what makes an online marketing campaign tick. For some of our clients there is a need to complement their website with a web app, for other the web app is the primary focus of their brand-new digital landscape that the brand sits within. With our expertise in the field, your business can flourish, making the user experience a smooth and simple one, whether through a web app or a website platform. 

Combining all the best elements of web app development, design and functionality, all geared towards fantastic user experience and customer satisfaction, Candy has the team in place to help wow your audience. Find out more today by calling us on 0161 826 0123 or email us and we’ll give you a shout back at your convenience. We’ve got fresh, innovative ideas to help you make a mark.