An online presence is so important to any business, and a good, strong presence online even more important. In fact, a bad website that looks outdated and functions poorly can do more damage to the reputation of your business than not having a website at all. Alongside that, with the proliferation of template websites that you can ‘do yourself’ at home, you find that many business websites just look and feel the same as each other. 

This is where Candy Marketing comes in. Our Liverpool and Manchester web design agency understands what it takes to create a genuinely individual and authentic website for each client that we work with. Our bespoke websites provide a glimpse into the character of your business and helps you to brand-build in the most effective way. 

What is a bespoke website?

A bespoke website is a site that has been created specifically for your business alone. The plan for your website should include the processes that are a central part of your organisation, and the design should be tailored towards making your target user and customer base as satisfied as possible when it comes to visiting your site. If you want users to click onto your website and make an enquiry, it should be designed in a way that points to that. If you would prefer a direct sale, an e-commerce website can be built that allows for this in the most effective way possible.

What is an off-the-shelf solution?

This is the type of website that has been previously created and that you can pick out for your own use. This off-the-shelf solution provides the software for your website, with integration that is already built-in and a range of template designs to choose from. It is already made for you to use and sold to a mass market. You can change the content and the images, but the functionality and user journey could be the same as a completely different business in another industry or location, or the same as your next-door neighbour competitor. Examples of template website services include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

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What are the advantages of a bespoke website?

Choosing to go with a web design agency such as Candy Marketing will ensure that you benefit from a bespoke website that has been built to your exact business specification and requirements.

Ready-made for social – By designing a website for your specific business, we’ll know exactly how you want to advertise. Social media is such a big part of modern business and advertising, and with a bespoke website we can ensure that you are ready to link back and forth smoothly with your social media platforms.

SEO informed – Your website will also be built to the exacting standards and protocols that make it much more attractive to Google and search rankings generally. There are many different parts to a search engine optimisation campaign and getting your website spot on, easy to navigate, functioning well, with fast page loading times and engaging content throughout, you can soon be ranking for the search terms you require.

Tailored to your specific business – Every business requires something specific and unique to them. You might want to build a website that is purely a source of information about what you do, maybe lists your products and services but doesn’t have any function beyond that. In other cases, you may wish to bring in leads to gain data and information, but the sale point is further along the journey. Other businesses want to sell direct to their customers through an e-commerce website. We’ll build a website that suits your specific needs.

Provides great customer service – Because your bespoke website is designed for you, you can ensure that it fits the needs of your customer service processes and channels. Any issues with the site itself can be resolved quickly, rather than having to wait for a maintenance update with an off-the-shelf website.

Streamline your costs – Purchasing a bespoke website development ensures that you are not paying for features and software that you might not necessarily need. There is no waste, you just ask for exactly what you want and need, and we will deliver. All development costs are funnelled into the areas that have come up during the initial discussions over the project. 

Robust security – A bespoke website is built in a way that makes it much more secure than a template website. We write the code and provide you with complete control over everything that is running on your website. With a template website you might have the worry of third-party plugins and the security risks that these can potentially pose.

Own the IP – You own the bespoke website and the solution, as there are no third-party developers involved in maintaining and updating plugins as there would be with a template website.

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The process of a bespoke website

Once you decide to work with Candy, we’ll make the time to sit down with you and to learn as much as we possibly can about your business, your brand ideals, your industry and competitors, your current customer base and your intended target customers. From there we’ll create a wireframe, showcasing the function and flow of the site and keeping focus on the end-goals. Once this phase has been confirmed, the web design can commence in earnest, and we’ll bring your brand to life online with our exquisite web design and web development team.

Develop a bespoke website that speaks volumes for your brand

At Candy we have the knowledge and expertise to build bespoke websites that are designed around your specific business, brand image, target audience and industry. We take the time to understand your business and your short and long-term targets, creating a fully tailored website that fits your needs and offers solutions to the challenges ahead, rather than an off-the-shelf website that could be for any business. Character and individuality is important for a thriving business and Candy can get you to where you need to be.

To discuss our exceptional web design service, or any of our other digital marketing services, please get in touch today by calling us on 0161 826 0123 or email us and we’ll give you a shout back at your convenience. We’ve got fresh, innovative ideas to help you make a mark.