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User experience is everything.

Candy Marketing understands the importance of UX to any digital marketing strategy. The customer is king, always has been, always will be. We can help you grow your business by creating spectacular customer experiences within stunning digital landscapes. Our UX design agency has developed processes that help implement a customer-first philosophy in everything that we do.

Your customers will feel like the most respected and loved person whenever they interact with you. We look at your industry, the perception of your brand and existing working practices and look at ways to improve the customer experience. Our UX and design services look to enhance the customer journey at every step. 

Why is a UX design agency the perfect fit for your business?

  • increasing the overall performance of the business
  • increasing leads
  • increasing customers sales
  • improving customer data collection and management
  • improving engagement on your website

Whenever a user clicks on to your website you want them to be excited and see no other option but to take action. This action could be to call you for more information, to request more details online, or to make a purchase there and then. We’ll help you to implement the correct digital strategies that balances our expertise and your brand to entice the right type of customer.

Quality UX Research

UX research is vital, and we are always looking at the latest in trends and innovative research to keep us at the vanguard of the industry. Our team keeps an eye on the market, understands how your brand is perceived, as well as the wider implications of the perception of your products and services. This information is used to help you maximise leads and profits.


The UX research feeds into the profiles our team creates for both your current customers and potential future customers. An effective UX parameter is built on understanding what your customers are thinking and providing solutions for their problems. Our clear conceptualisation of a project provides a strong demonstration of how we’ll help you achieve your targets.


Finally, bringing together the vital UX research and design conceptualisation, wireframing provides the overview of how the entire project will look and feel. It helps to increase functionality to impress the customer, helps build engaging content and builds a structure to your digital platforms that increases site traffic, increases sales and improves customer satisfaction.

Candy Marketing knows how to create digital marketing platforms that are user-focused and helps you to attract brand-new customers whilst building a loyal customer base. Our UX agency understands the need to focus on the customer and with the different UX services, you’ll soon see the successful journey we’ll be taking you on.