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A website is the best way to make your business’ key information available to users in order to convert them into your company’s customers.

The websites we create are custom-made by experienced and qualified web developers. They have a 100% responsive design and build a strong foundation for all the search engine optimization work you would like to perform. In short, you will be the happy owner of a performing, reliable, and scalable website that fits your unique profile and helps you achieve your goals!

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Web Design Manchester: Get a bespoke website that keeps your customers informed and up to date

The aim of a bespoke website is to bring an online presence to a company, a craftsman, a community, and other organizations, in order to attract new contacts, prospects, and customers. It is the virtual equivalent of a store window or the front of a company. Are you someone with a commercial objective but not looking for direct online sales? If yes, this solution is for you.

  • Introduce your company, its concept, and expertise
  • Showcase your services and/or products
  • Manage your site via an intuitive and dedicated interface
  • Benefit from a technically optimized and SEO friendly website

Manchester Web Design: Get an E-commerce website to sell your products and services online

An e-commerce website is an accessible way to offer your products and/or services to a local, national or international clientele. At the same time, you can manage your store remotely and without geographical or time constraints. If it is something you would need, this solution is for you.

  • Have your own online store 
  • Benefit from a dedicated management interface, with a dedicated space for customer accounts
  • Enjoy a technically optimized and SEO friendly website

At Candy, we create websites that are both aesthetic and efficient

Web design is complex, and our website designers Manchester are here to simplify it. The designs we create follow the latest trends, so you won’t be disappointed! Our web designers Manchester have extensive experience in UI/UX design of web and mobile applications, websites, and visual identity. Our marketing approach will bridge the gap between the beauty of your website and its success. The process of our work includes:

  • Research and strategy
  • User experience design
  • Interface design
  • Optimization
  • Development

Develop a unique and recognizable brand image

The visual identity combines the logo and the graphic charter of your company. In short, it is the way you will communicate about yourself and what you will convey to your target audience.

A well-thought-out visual identity is one that will last over time and make a positive impression on your audience. Candy can help you define your brand image and design the graphic charter. We materialize them by designing the forms, signs, color charts, and typographies according to your instructions.

Components of a graphic charter

A well-established graphic charter details the use of three categories:

  • The rules of implementation of each element such as the logo, title, graphic elements, colors, fonts. For each element, the way it must be displayed on each support is explained in great depth. At this point, other details are added such as margins, composition, and position in the document.
  • The editorial rules. We are establishing the tone and style (associations and hierarchy of typography for example). This will help to build clear and homogeneous pages following these elements.
  • The rules of adaptation and customization for other types of media. We are entering into technical media such as stands for exhibitions, black and white photocopies.

The process of a website creation project with Candy Marketing

A successful website project depends on the mastery of its development process, which must be well executed and respected. Our method stems from our experience in managing online projects, but also from the individual skills of each of the Candy team members.

Following a method based on genuine feedback and strong expertise allows us to design a website that fully integrates your desires in the creation process while advising you on the next steps of your development.

Setting up the appearance of your website

This step consists of setting up a symbiosis between several elements:

  • The balance between space and text
  • The coherence of shades and typography
  • The research and relevance of images/iconography
  • The structure and hierarchy of information

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Improving the user experience

All these elements will convey information to the user. They will provide sensations and emotions to make him live an experience. They will also give the user orientations that will allow him a full immersion in your universe. This kind of approach is used by big brands to create messages and transmit the values of the brand to the user.

100% Responsive Design

Our website development Manchester is 100% responsive. Because nowadays it is essential to be seen and accessed through all types of media, our website creations are perfectly adapted to all screens:

  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Strengthening the ergonomics

The use of a graphic design that is adapted to the target improves its impact and facilitates interaction with the user. The choice of colors, fonts, and text sizes establishes consistency in the brand information and guarantees a better exchange between the interface and the user.

Conveying your message

Our web design agency Manchester is responsible for unifying the elements of the message to create a graphic tone in line with the message to:

  • Attract attention and arouse interest
  • Highlight it and distinguish it from others
  • Make your message striking, effective and memorable

Adding value for your prospects

A well-designed interface creates a positive impression and a feeling of identification with the brand. Our web designer Manchester is very sensitive to these details. The impression your audience gets in the first few seconds of browsing the website is very important. It is this impression that will determine whether or not they will continue browsing the site. This fact is influenced not by the content but by the layout of the website.

Taking care of the web design, especially on the homepage, conveys a professional image that reassures the user and captures his trust. The non-verbal language of web design brings a valuable added value to your prospects.

Are you looking for a Manchester web design agency to carry out your website projects?

Candy Marketing is a specialized web agency Manchester that operates on a human scale. Our goal is to develop quality solutions that allow us to meet the needs of clients from different niches and backgrounds. We have been providing them for several years now, with a very high satisfaction level. 

Our team is a collective of close-knit members. We’re all experienced in the fields of web development Manchester, graphic design, web marketing, search engine optimization and project management.

Do you need complete support for a project requiring website design Manchester, development, graphic research, better visibility on Google? Or maybe you just need the basics and a certain amount of autonomy to get started while having someone to watch over your website? Whatever the case may be, our team will be able to advise you and offer you the right solution for your requirements, your budget, and your ambitions.

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