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    In the heart of Manchester’s bustling digital landscape, Candy Marketing stands out as a pillar of innovation and quality in web design. Our Manchester web design and development specialists are creating bespoke websites that not only captivate visitors but also provide a user experience that converts.

    Honest, expert advice and web design that works.

    We’re passionate about creating brilliant branding and winning websites with wow-factor for a diverse variety of clients in and around Manchester and beyond. From Fintech and recruitment to construction and e-commerce, our Manchester web design service brings businesses to life.

    Our web design support is comprehensive and holistic. From user experience and wireframes to research and development – you can depend on us to take care of every aspect of your web build. Whether you’re looking to launch a start-up, revamp an existing website, or take a successful brand to the next level – our talented and creative web design team will work alongside you in collaboration to create a site that reflects your brand, speaks to your audience with meaning and personality and has great functionality across all devices.

    Let’s Work Together

    Latest Website Projects

    Web Design Manchester – The Process

    At Candy we focus on providing expert web development and inspiring design to enable your business to shine online – but we also want to make sure you feel fully supported throughout your website design journey. Our 8-step process keeps things simple and stress-free, so you always know what’s coming next and can prepare and plan for launch accordingly. Let our Manchester web design agency help you with all your marketing needs.


    This is where your journey into web design Manchester begins! To start with we’ll hold some discovery sessions with you, then discuss your visions and outcomes for your new site and of course, share our recommendations on what we think will work best for you in line with your target audience and objectives.


    Next, our web design team will create technical wireframes – essentially, this is a blueprint to your site. During this process, we’ll explore the layout and make sure everything is in the right place before the fun really begins.

    03Design & Development

    Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, our team of dedicated Manchester web designers will start putting your ideas into a reality! Using a variety of programs, they’ll combine technical knowledge with their instinctive creativity to deliver something that not only looks good but works well, too.


    At this stage of the web design Manchester process the team will ensure your designs are presented via working prototypes to give you a clear vision of how things are going to look. You’ll be able to scroll through your website’s pages to really get a feel for the finished thing.

    05Testing & Quality Checks

    Perhaps the most important part of our process: testing. Essentially, we’re just making sure things work how they should. At this point our team will thoroughly test the site on various browsers and devices to eliminate any potential glitches or bugs.


    Relax in the comfort of our Manchester office with a warm latte and we’ll show you how to use your brand new website. We’ll ensure you leave with all the knowledge you need to keep things ticking over – but if you don’t fancy taking on the upkeep of the site yourself, we have a variety of maintenance packages tailored to suit you.

    07Flight Checks

    During this stage we’ll conduct final checks of the website to ensure that all functions are in place. We also ensure the performance of your website meets requirements and all final bugs are ironed out.


    The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived – it’s time to go live! Our developers will deploy your new website from staging to the live server. You’ll soon be able to reveal your new look to the world. Web Design Manchester has never been this easy!


    We Use All the Latest Software


    The process of a Website Creation Project with Candy Marketing

    A successful web design Manchester project depends on the mastery of its development process, which must be well executed and respected. Our method stems from our experience in managing online projects, but also from the individual skills of each of the Candy team members.

    Following a method based on genuine feedback and strong expertise allows us to design a website that fully integrates your desires in the creation process while advising you on the next steps of your development.


    Our key ingredients

    Just like a stick of Blackpool rock, our website builds are all meticulously formulated using our tried and tested recipe for success, tailored exactly to your specifications. You’ll find our core values running right through all that we do – from planning and conception to design and technical execution of the web design Manchester project. 

    Inspiring, audience-led design

    We offer more than just web design Manchester. Our experienced creative team loves to use the power of brilliant branding to help businesses get noticed online – employing intelligent colour and design techniques. Whether we’re using or revamping an existing brand or developing a new one from scratch, we’ll create a stunning aesthetic for your new site, focusing on it looks and feels to your customers. 

    Friendly, straightforward support

    At Candy Marketing, we believe web design Manchester is meant to be fun and easy. No confusing tech jargon or miscommunications here – instead, we like to keep it straight and simple. We’ll be here whenever you need us to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your website build. Our friendly, expert teams will work closely alongside you, offering the value of our experience every step of the way.  

    Expert coding for enhanced flexibility

    Every single business is unique – so we don’t use cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all templates for our Manchester web design projects. Each and every one of our sites is built from the ground up, developed from scratch to your specifications. Our coding abilities enable us to create anything you have in mind, from advanced functionality to enhanced design features.  

    Future-proof sites for every sector

    As technology constantly evolves and adapts, you need a site that can keep up with your customers’ browsing habits. As part of our web design Manchester offerings, all our sites are built with intelligent responsivity as standard, so they can function seamlessly across all devices.

    Beautiful websites, built to last

    Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Here at Candy we specialise in style and substance for your business – Manchester web design that works, with innovative design that inspires and engages your ideal customer. We know you need a site that moves as you do, so our support is versatile and flexible, with the capacity to evolve with your business. 

    Manchester Web Design is About Crafting Digital Experiences That Resonate

    A website is the best way to make your business’ key information available to users in order to convert them into your company’s customers.

    Looking for high standard web design? The websites we created by our web design company in Manchester are custom-made by experienced and qualified web developers. They have a 100% responsive design and build a strong foundation for all the search engine optimisation work you would like to perform. In short, you will be the happy owner of a performing, reliable, and scalable website that fits your unique profile and helps you achieve your goals! Give us a call to talk about your Manchester web design needs and desires!


    Get an E-commerce Website to Sell Your Products and Services Online

    E-commerce web design Manchester is an accessible way to offer your products and/or services to a local, national or international clientele. At the same time, you can manage your store remotely and without geographical or time constraints. If it is something you would need, this solution is for you.

    • Have your own online store
    • Benefit from a dedicated management interface, with a dedicated space for customer accounts
    • Enjoy a technically optimised and SEO friendly website

    At Candy, We Create Websites That Are Both Aesthetic and Efficient

    Building a website is complex, and our website designers Manchester are here to simplify it. The designs we create follow the latest trends, so you won’t be disappointed! Our Manchester web design experts have extensive experience in UI/UX design of web and mobile applications, websites, and visual identity. Our marketing approach will bridge the gap between the beauty of your website and its success. The process includes:

    • Research and strategy
    • User experience design
    • Interface design
    • Optimisation
    • Development

    Develop a Unique and Recognisable Brand Image with Our Manchester Web Design Agency 

    The visual identity combines the logo and the graphic charter of your company. In short, it is the way you will communicate about yourself and what you will convey to your target audience.

    A well-thought-out visual identity is one that will last over time and make a positive impression on your audience. As part of our Manchester web design service, Candy can help you define your brand image and design the graphic charter. We materialise them by designing the forms, signs, colour charts, and typographies according to your instructions.

    Let’s Design Something Special

    Setting up the Appearance of Your Website

    Setting up the appearance of your website is a crucial step in the web development process, involving the careful orchestration of various elements to create a harmonious and effective user interface. This process is far from arbitrary; it’s a meticulous task where each element is deliberately chosen and placed to establish a symbiotic relationship with others, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of your site.

    Firstly, achieving the right balance between space and text is essential. Too much text can overwhelm users, while too much space can make the site appear empty or incomplete. The equilibrium of space and text enhances readability and navigability, providing users with a comfortable and intuitive browsing experience.

    Equally important is the coherence between shades and typography. Color schemes should not only align with your brand identity but also facilitate user engagement and conversion. The selected typography should complement the color choices, ensuring that text is readable against various backgrounds while also contributing to the visual appeal of the site.

    A crucial, often overlooked, aspect is the research and selection of relevant images and iconography. Visual elements should be more than just decorative; they need to communicate and reinforce your brand message and values. Images and icons selected should be of high quality and relevant to your content, providing visual cues that guide and engage users as they navigate through your site.


    Finally, the structure and hierarchy of information play a pivotal role. Information should be organized logically and accessibly, with the most important content being immediately visible or easy to locate. A well-thought-out structure facilitates smooth navigation, while a clear hierarchy helps users understand the relationships between different pieces of content, enhancing their ability to efficiently find and process the information they need.

    Each of these components works together, contributing to a website appearance that is not only visually pleasing but also user-friendly and aligned with your brand’s objectives and identity. By paying careful attention to these elements, you ensure a website that is engaging, navigable, and effective in communicating with your target audience.

    Star Tissue 2

    Improving the User Experience

    Enhancing the User Experience is crucial, as each element on the interface serves as a subtle communicator, conveying crucial information to the user meticulously and efficiently. These carefully selected and crafted elements work synergistically to provide a multi-sensory experience for the user. From the color palette to the typography, each detail is designed to evoke specific sensations and emotions, immersing the user in a meticulously crafted atmosphere that resonates with your brand’s unique identity and ethos.

    Beyond mere aesthetics, these elements serve as navigational cues and orientation tools, seamlessly guiding the user through the digital landscape you’ve created. This holistic, user-centric approach ensures not only ease of use but also fosters a deeper connection between the user and the brand. It’s not simply about presenting information; it’s about crafting an engaging narrative and creating a compelling experience that captivates and retains the user’s attention and interest from start to finish.

    Big brands leverage this sophisticated approach to user experience as a powerful tool for storytelling and brand communication. Through a well-designed user interface, they effectively transmit key brand messages and values to the users, fostering a sense of trust and loyalty. When users interact with an interface that is intuitive, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing, it reinforces the brand’s perceived value and credibility.

    In a digital environment where users are bombarded with information, a meticulously designed user experience that provides clarity, emotion, and value is paramount. It’s a subtle yet powerful way of communicating with users, making them feel valued, and understood, and ultimately guiding them towards the desired action or response, be it making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or simply exploring more of what the brand has to offer.


    100% Responsive Design

    In today’s interconnected digital era, having a 100% responsive design for website development isn’t just an optional luxury – it’s an imperative. At our Manchester-based web development hub, we take this critical factor into account from the inception of each project. Every website we craft is designed with a responsiveness that ensures optimal viewing and interactive experiences across a diverse array of devices.

    Being seen and accessed on the internet is about ubiquity; users should be able to interact with your digital presence from wherever they are, using whatever device they prefer, without compromise in quality or functionality. From the expansive screen of a desktop monitor to the compact display of smartphones, our website creations gracefully adjust and adapt. They offer fluid navigation and clear visuals, providing an unswerving user experience that fosters engagement and conversion.

    In a world where the majority of online traffic comes from mobile devices, responsiveness is not just about appearance; it’s about meeting your users where they are. The responsive designs we champion guarantee that your website’s features and content are easily navigable and consumable, whether accessed via tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

    This universal accessibility not only expands your reach but also enhances your brand’s image and customer experience, reflecting a business that is modern, considerate, and in tune with its audience’s needs. By entrusting your project to us, you’re ensuring a website that’s meticulously crafted for responsiveness, providing every visitor with a seamless, enjoyable experience, irrespective of their chosen browsing device.


    Strengthening the Ergonomics

    By employing a graphic design precisely tailored to engage your target audience, the effectiveness of your visual communication is significantly improved, facilitating smoother and more intuitive interactions between your interface and the user. The deliberate choice of colours is not a mere aesthetic endeavour; it plays a crucial role in eliciting specific emotional responses and perceptions from the users, subtly guiding their reactions and engagement with the content.

    Furthermore, the thoughtful selection of fonts and text sizes isn’t just about readability. While ensuring that text is easily readable is fundamental, the typefaces chosen also convey the personality of the brand, enhancing brand recognition and trust among users. The consistency in font type and size across different sections and pages within the interface also contributes to a cohesive and harmonious user experience.

    Consistency in design elements not only reinforces brand identity but also fosters a sense of familiarity and reliability among your audience. It paves the way for a more fluid and enjoyable exchange between the user and the interface, as users can navigate and interact with ease and confidence, knowing what to expect as they move from one section to another. This meticulous attention to ergonomic details, from colour schemes to typography, ultimately leads to a more engaging and user-friendly interface, promoting positive user experiences and fostering deeper connections between the brand and its audience.


    Develop a Unique and Recognisable Brand Image with Our Manchester Web Design Agency 

    The visual identity combines the logo and the graphic charter of your company. In short, it is the way you will communicate about yourself and what you will convey to your target audience.

    A well-thought-out visual identity is one that will last over time and make a positive impression on your audience. As part of our Manchester web design service, Candy can help you define your brand image and design the graphic charter. We materialise them by designing the forms, signs, colour charts, and typographies according to your instructions.

    Let’s Design Something Special

    Yet, all of these efforts would be futile without efficacy. The ultimate goal of our designs is to render your message striking, effective, and memorable. The visual elements are not mere embellishments; they are integral components that amplify and accentuate your message, facilitating clearer communication and connection with the audience. Every image, icon, colour scheme, and font is employed strategically to reinforce your message, making it more compelling and memorable for all who visit your site.

    Through a well-designed and cohesive website, your message is not just seen; it is experienced, felt, and remembered. At our Manchester agency, we take pride in crafting such immersive digital experiences, effectively conveying your message while providing a visual feast that is as functional as it is beautiful.

    Gulf Oil 3

    Adding Value for your Prospect

    A meticulously crafted interface is instrumental in imprinting a positive initial impression, fostering a sense of brand identification among prospective clients. Engaging with our dedicated web designer in Manchester ensures sensitivity to the myriad subtle details pivotal for crafting a digital presence that resonates positively and compellingly with your audience from the first interaction.

    The crucial initial moments during which a visitor engages with your website significantly influence their subsequent browsing behaviour and overall perception of your brand. Within these fleeting seconds, it isn’t merely the content that speaks; the layout and design of the website articulate volumes about your brand’s professionalism, ethos, and value proposition. It’s during this pivotal window of time that users subconsciously decide whether to delve deeper into your site or seek what they need elsewhere.

    For this reason, investing in an impeccably designed homepage isn’t just a matter of aesthetic appeal but a strategic necessity. An attractive, intuitive homepage serves as your brand’s virtual storefront, projecting an image of professionalism and competence that instills confidence and trust in the user. It subtly communicates that your brand is reliable, valuable, and worth the user’s time and attention.



    However, the value of excellent web design extends beyond the homepage. Every element of the site’s design, from the colour scheme and typography to the placement of icons and use of images, constitutes a form of non-verbal communication. This silent language weaves through each webpage, continuously engaging visitors, guiding their navigation, influencing their perceptions, and enhancing their experience.

    By diligently and thoughtfully crafting this silent language of design, we add immense value for your prospects. The websites we create not only communicate but also connect, building bridges between your brand and your audience, facilitating not just recognition but also identification and loyalty. Engage with our expert web designer in Manchester to explore a design process where precision meets creativity, and every detail is calibrated to add value, making your website a powerful tool for connection and conversion.